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The final day of the 2014 partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) North Cyprus Main Event is here after the 404 players who started the tournament with hopes of becoming a member of the coveted Champions Club were whittled down to the final table of six — and what a final table it is.

Kicking off at 1:00 p.m. local time (11:00 a.m BST), the final table looks set to be one of the most exciting battle of wits you will see for a long time and you can watch all of the action unfold before your very eyes thanks to it being streamed from Cyprus!

Want to know more about the six finalists? Then keep reading for a short bio about each one.

Seat 1: Ori Miller – 2,270,000 chips

Ori Miller

Ori Miller is a 31-year old professional poker player hailing from Israel and a regular at the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino where he has cashed nine times in his career.

Miller sent the flamboyant Italian Antonio Buonanno to the rail during the penultimate day’s play when his held against Buonanno’s and won a pot of over two million chips.

Seat 2: Nicolas Chouity – 4,390,000 chips

Nicolas Chouity

Nicolas Chouity of Lebanon has been a regular on the European poker circuit since winning the European Poker Tour Grand Final in 2010. Chouity has been up among the chip leaders throughout the tournament, but can count himself fortunate to be the chip leader going into the final table.

On Day 4, Chouity five-bet all-in with and the United Kingdom’s Oliver Price snap-called with . Price proceeded to flop a set on the flop, but Chouity improved to a Broadway straight on the turn. The river was a brick, Price busted and Chouity was left with a huge stack.

Seat 3: Igor Devkin – 435,000 chips

Igor Devkin

The polar opposite to Chouity is Igor Devkin who sits down in Seat 3 with only 11 big blinds in his stack. It makes his job a much simpler one because he is likely to be either pushing all-on or folding until he manages to rebuild his stack or he is eliminated.

Seat 4: Dmitry Gromov – 815,000 chips

Dmitry Gromov

Russia’s Dmitry Gromov already has a WPT title to his name after he won the Prague Main Event during Season IX. This is Gromov’s first recorded live tournament cash of 2014 and if he wins this event it would be the second-largest cash of his career so far.

Seat 5: Toby Lewis – 1,085,000 chips

Toby Lewis

The UK’s representative at the final table is the talented Toby Lewis. The man known as “810ofclubs” has over $4.3 million in online tournament winnings and over $2.3 million in live tournament winnings, making him the most successful player at the final table and is definitely one to watch today.

Seat 6: Alexander Lakhov – 3,130,000 chips

Alexander Lakhov

Last, but not least, is the 42-year old Russian Alexander Lakhov who is making his third WPT Main Event final table appearance. He finished second in Prague in 2012, and ninth in this event last year. Lakhov also has a third place finish in the WPT National Venice Main Event and an outright win in the WPT National event at this very venue in July 2014.

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