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If his username is anything to go by, the latest winner of our $300K Guaranteed Sunday is going to have a lot of fun spending his winnings. xxvicelifexx reigned supreme at the weekend, beating 1,662 other players to take more than $50,000 from the $332,600 prize pool.

We’ll try and contact xxvicelifexx in the coming days to discover exactly what he’ll be indulging in now he’s got all that cash.

Here are the cash wins for the 10 players left on the final table.
1 xxvicelifexx, $50,358.96
2 Matvey333, $37,634.95
3 lica, $35,234.41
4 PokerHero4, $17,627.80
5 jovialjohnny, $14,301.80
6 KraxTheCrow, $10,975.80
7 RIPCURLx, $8,481.30
8 BSManta, $5,820.50
9 AGGGMG, $4,323.80
10 rex_lecoq, $2,827.10

If you fancy taking part in the next $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament and being in the running for payouts like this, get involved now. You can secure your place with a direct $215 buy-in or through the qualifiers for as little as $3.

Please see our $300K Guaranteed Sunday page for more information.

Good luck at the tables.


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