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Everywhere I go in East London I seem to bump into Greeks who want to take me on – I politely decline as I am continuing to have the time of life with Lithuania’s men’s basketball team.

We saw off Nigeria, we have France tomorrow and then the USA on Saturday. Look out for me on Saturday as I will be on the bench. Hellmuth – will you be there? If you want to come drop me a line, I will see what I can do?

We are massive underdogs for the USA game but we have the fighting spirit of Ruta. It’s hard to keep up with the kids isn’t it Phil?

Who would I choose for Team USA…

This all got me thinking. Who would be in Team USA on the green baize? My five person team would be Phil Ivey, Vanessa Selbst, Tiffany Michelle, Evander Holyfield and Michael Phelps. There we go, there is my selection – there is no room for people I cannot see when I am on the march with my national flag.

France will be a difficult game for my boys. There is no doubt that their basketball players are much better than their poker players. Russia are also historically very good and a force now – again much better than any Ralph Perry’s I may meet – I am so proud that they are aiming for 5th place – Lithuania are going for gold!

There is one cloud on the horizon. I bumped into Usain Bolt and he didn’t seem to remember that I challenged him heads-up in London a couple of years back. Before I could open my mouth he was gone, gone, gone!


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