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What a fantastic day Travis “DramaticDegen” Darroch of Team Online fame enjoyed on November 17th. The popular Canadian had no idea he would be padding his bankroll with six-figures when he logged into his partypoker account and began another Twitch stream.

Darroch had secured his place in this week’s $1 million guaranteed partypoker MILLION via a $22 buy-in satellite. These satellites run around the clock and represent superb value. Darroch played his way through to the final day’s action and this is where the magic happened.

The field of 4,472 entrants had been reduced to the final table of eight and each of the finalists locked up at last $9,490 for their effort. This was already a great return for Darroch whose $22 was now worth more than 430-times its initial value!

“SicuitPegoraro” busted in eighth-place before “lkjhfdswnv” lost their chips and fell in seventh, a finish worth $14,710. They were joined on the sidelines by “nicolasmajda888” who banked $20,890 before “eddyrock” ran out of steam and fell in sixth-place for a $30,750 addition to their bankroll.

A cool $44,740 went to “Ingracia_dinha” who was eliminated in fourth place. This exit sparked some interest of a deal among the remaining three players, Darroch being among them. The deal discussion proved fruitful and brought an end to this week’s $1 million guaranteed affair.

When the dust settled, Darroch had finished in third-place and turned his $22 satellite ticket into a colossal $106,308 all why streaming his play live on his Twitch channel! An absolutely incredible result.

Special mentions, obviously, have to go to “theteacheray” who finished in second for $107,915 and to our worthy champion “vem kikando” whose victory secured them a $114,876 payout.

partypoker MILLION Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 vem kikando $114,876*
2 theteacheray $107,915*
3 DramaticDegen $106,308*
4 Ingracia_dinha $44,740
5 eddyrock $30,750
6 Nicolasmajda888 $20,890
7 lkjhfdswnv $14,710
8 SicutiPegoraro $9,490

*reflects a three-handed deal

The current week’s MILLION has the potential to smash through its $1 million guarantee. Although hundreds of our players are currently in The Bahamas for the partypoker LIVE Caribbean Poker Party, last night’s Day 1 saw 666 players buy in compared to the 418 who entered at this stage last week.

You can get involved in five more starting flights, each costing $215 to enter. These take place at 20:00 CET on November 19 and November 21st, at midnight CET on November 24, then 16:00 and 18:00 CET on November 23 with the final day shuffling up and dealing at 20:15 CET on November 23rd.

Dozens of satellites feed into the Day 1s throughout the week, plus there are $33 buy-in Mega Sats on the day of each Day 1 that have 50x $215 seats guaranteed to be won. Try following in Darroch’s footsteps and turning an affordable satellite tournament into a six-figure prize!

G0s3tt3 Crowned partypoker Mini Champion

While Darroch was busy battling his way to a six-figure prize, the partypoker Mini was in full swing. This $200,000 guaranteed event only costs $22 to enter and saw 8,201 players buy in this week.

“G0s3tt3” was the last player standing and they turned their $22 investment into a cool $30,210. Perhaps the best thing about this victory was the tournament ended at 3:47 CET meaning the champion will still have managed to get plenty of sleep, if they could sleep with all the adrenalin in their system that is!

Place Player Prize
1 G0s3tt3 $30,210
2 FreshP $21,130
3 stoploss $13,530
4 betonHabiBro420 $8,776
5 Igor Muris $5,998
6 frittsson4 $4,052
7 BabyShark 1kk $2,822
8 icyocards $1,794

partypoker Micro Ends in heads-Up Chop

The weekly partypoker Micro features a $20,000 guarantee despite only costing $2.20 to enter. This week’s event saw 8,837 players buy in and the tournament end in a heads-up chop.

Each of the eight finalists turned their $2.20 into at least $183 with the top three finishers walking away with four-figure scores. “CAPITAN_JACK” scooped $1,361 for finishing third while “ALL IN” and “nns785” struck a deal that saw the former crowned champion and receive $2,800 with the runner-up walking away with $2,354. Awesome work!

Place Player Prize
1 ALL IN $2,800*
2 nns785 $2,354*
4 OGNEMET $884
5 lotus $605
6 ChAAbaKKabuu $410
7 Lucky_punch $286
8 AlwaysAllin $183

*reflects a heads-up deal

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