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Two more Monster Series events crowned their champions on November 10 while the two 6-Max tournaments reached their respective Day 2s. Let’s check out what went down in the latest round of Monster Series events.

Monster #18 – PLO Rebuy: $5K Gtd

Place Player Prize
1 tongan.Crip $1,279.49
2 gammelmand56 $911.17
3 Mon10 $621.12
4 conty1 $434.37
5 Nyc767 $305.80
6 Blue_Dream $221.01
7 The_Waltonian $159.15
8 Amin_88 $128.92
9 Karlpilkington $109.11

The $5.50 buy-in Monster #18 – PLO Rebuy drew in a crowd of 519 entrants who purchased 671 rebuys and 200 add-ons between them. This took the overall prize pool to $6,950, almost $2,000 more than the advertised $5,000 guarantee.

“Tongan.Crip” was the only player with chips in front of them when the dust finally settled on what was an action-packed event. Outlasting 518 opponents resulted in the champion securing the tournament’s four-figure top prize, namely $1,279.49. This is a superb result from a mere $5.50 buy-in!

Our runner-up, “gammelmand56” also padded their bankroll with a chunky prize, a much deserved $911.17.

Everyone else at the nine-handed final table walked away with prizes ranging from $109.11 to $621.12. Well done to the likes of “karlpilkington”, “Amin_88”, “The_Waltonian”, “Blue_Dream”, “Nyc767”, “conty1”, and “Mon10” who all fought valiantly to reach this event’s final table.

Monster #18 – Mini PLO Rebuy: $500 Gtd

Place Player Prize
1 tooting64 $96.66
2 birchyboy2109 $69.25
3 Titan2801 $47.53
4 marcospinhe $33.66
5 vens27 $24.07
6 JustMe1017 $17.54
7 Lexecutionerrr $12.39
8 KSF_party $9.89
9 loveca $8.41

The Mini PLO Rebuy only cost $0.55 to enter yet “tooting64” still managed to secure a $96.66 payout. That works out at a shade under 176 buy-ins before you go clambering for your calculators!

Tooting64 came out on top of a 389-strong field who made 504 rebuys and who purchased 127 add-ons. They defeated “birchyboy2109” heads-up to resign the runner-up to a $69.25 prize, a cool return on a buy-in costing only 55 cents.

Monster #17 – 6-Max Day 2: $50K Gtd

Place Player Chips
1 Katt 3,071,469
2 swampdonkeyhunt 3,033,416
3 piupiuaa77 2,388,651
4 warceeen 2,290,115
5 Sarbjit kular 2,273,361
6 Britney Spears 2,007,762
7 RicK6468 1,907,176
8 JA3007 1,880,522
9 Korrupt 1,858,338
10 ZackBevins 1,841,703

The $11 buy-in 6-Max event has reached Day 2 and only 538 of the 3,795 starters have made it through. They all return to the partypoker tables at 19:05 GMT on November 11 and will grind it out until only one player holds each and every one of the 379,500,000 chips in play.

If the tournament stopped now, it would be “Katt” who is crowned champion as they are the chip leader going into Day 2. Katt has 3,071,469 chips in their stack with “swampdonkeyhunt” being the only other player with more than three million chips, 3,033,416 to be exact.

Only the top 480 finishers win a slice of the $50,000 prize pool, meaning 58 returnees go home empty-handed. A min-cash weighs in at $34 which increases to $940.50 when the final table is reached. Whoever becomes this tournament’s champion walks away with an impressive $6,065.50 in their partypoker balance and the title of Monster Series champion.

Monster #17 – Mini 6-Max Day 2: $5K Gtd

Place Player Chips
1 Dstrange7 3,268,113
2 Ray_NL040 3,266,517
3 Viryyn 2,848,012
4 Schreiter89 2,594,721
5 TheJoeM 2,531,145
6 NoNameKing 2,387,094
7 RuiFR 2,347,173
8 Heisenberg53 2,204,308
9 JasaTavcar 2,027,941
10 BanzaiPipeline 1,988,253

The Mini 6-Max has also reached its Day 2 where 345 players remain in the hunt for the top prize of $634.29. Some 2,622 players bought in but most have fallen by the wayside across the two starting flights.

Like the larger buy-in edition of this event, the top two players in the chip counts each have more than three million betting tokens. “Dstrange7” leads the way with a 3,268,113 stack while “Ray_NL040” occupies second-place with 3,266,517 chips.

$5.08 awaits anyone who finishes in the top 300 finishing positions, while anyone reaching the six-handed final table pads their bankroll with $113.45. The champion takes home $634.29 plus a whole load of bragging rights!

Which Monster Series Events Start Today?

Four fresh Monster Series events kick off on November 11, running alongside Day 2 of the 6-Max and Mini 6-Max.

At 19:05 GMT, you can play in the $100,000 guaranteed and $10,000 guaranteed 7-Max Knockout Day 1As. These will set you back $22 and $2.20 respectively unless you satellite in or use tournament dollars.

An hour and 25-minutes later sees the $11 PLO Turbo and $1.10 PLO Turbo events shuffle up and deal. These carry guarantees of $5,000 and $500 and are sure to be great fun thanks to the faster blind structure and the fact they are the crazy game ot pot-limit Omaha!

Time (GMT) Event Buy-in
19:05 Monster #19 – 7-Max Knockout Day 1A: $100K Gtd $22
19:05 Monster #19 – Mini 7-Max Knockout Day 1A: $10K Gtd $2.20
20:30 Monster #20 – PLO Turbo: $5K Gtd Gtd $11
20:30 Monster #20 – Mini PLO Turbo: $500 Gtd Gtd $1.10

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