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With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) officially starting in just over a month away, we thought we’d let you know whose made the PartyPoker team so far.

You see come this July in Las Vegas McCarran Airport will see an influx of passengers on the scale that’s normally associated with events like Glastonbury, The Olympics and the World Cup combined.

And the best part is these 12 PartyPoker players who’ve just scored a $14,000 package will be donning the famous PartyPoker hoodies and joining the rest for that quest of one of the most sought out bracelets in Poker. Ever.

The PartyPoker WSOP Main Event Team So Far!

  • TlMEX
  • RedFireAnt
  • caipimann
  • hosepipes
  • ylitalo23
  • manos33399
  • Robinfish
  • freshflynt
  • dennadanne
  • vzsolz
  • Piigeon
  • swsende


Join The Team Today!

There’s quite literally so many routes on PartyPoker to qualify for a once in a life time trip, make sure you check out the full qualification routes to the WSOP and Las Vegas only on PartyPoker. Let us know how you get on by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.


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