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The conclusion of the inaugural WPT World Online Championships (WPTWOC) is on the horizon with the 12th and final Championship Event, the gigantic $102,000 buy-in Super High Roller Championship, scheduled for September 23. That may be only slightly over a week away but there are still plenty of opportunities to sample the sweet taste of WPT success.

Remaining Championship Events

Four more Championship Events are left to play for, each with different buy-in levels.

One-on-one specialists can compete for $620,000 worth of combined prize pools in the Heads-Up Championship. This trio of events come with buy-ins of $33, $320, and $3,200 and have guarantees worth $20,000, $100,000, and $500,000.

Be aware that each of our Heads-Up Championship events has a player cap and no late registration so register as soon as possible (before 20:05 CEST on September 16) to avoid disappointment.

September 19 at 20:05 CEST sees the Day 1A of the $25,500 buy-in High Roller Championship shuffle up and deal. A whopping $5 million is guaranteed in this two-day event and that is sure to lure in some of the biggest names in the world of tournament poker. Day 1B kicks off at the same time on September 20.

September 20 also sees the Turbo, Mini Turbo, and Micro Turbo Championship events take place. These are going to be super-exciting thanks to the quicker blind structure, but also equally as lucrative because the $33, $320, and $3,200 buy-in events have guaranteed prize pools worth $100,000, $300,000, and a cool $1,000,000 respectively.

Last, but not least, is the 12th and final Championship Event of the series; the Super High Roller. The buy-in weighs in at an eye-watering $102,000 and features a $3 million prize pool. We cannot wait for this mammoth-sized tournament.

Date Time (CEST) Tournament Buy-in
Wed 16 Sep 20:05 WPT #09 Heads-Up Championship: $500K Gtd $3,200
Wed 16 Sep 20:05 WPT #09 Mini Heads-Up Championship: $100K Gtd $320
Wed 16 Sep 20:05 WPT #09 Micro Heads-Up Championship: $20K Gtd $33
Sat 19 Sep 20:05 WPT #10 High Roller Championship Day 1A: $5M Gtd $25,500
Sun 20 Sep 20:05 WPT #10 High Roller Championship Day 1B: $5M Gtd $25,500
Sun 20 Sep 20:05 WPT #11 Turbo Championship: $1M Gtd $3,200
Sun 20 Sep 20:05 WPT #11 Mini Turbo Championship: $300K Gtd $320
Sun 20 Sep 20:05 WPT #11 Micro Turbo Championship: $100K Gtd $33
Mon 21 Sep 20:05 WPT #10 High Roller Championship Day 2: $5M Gtd
Wed 23 Sep 20:05 WPT #12 Super High Roller Championship: $3M Gtd $100,200

More Than a Dozen Side Events To Fight Over

It’s not only the huge Championship Events waiting for you to win because there are more than a dozen side events to get your teeth into. These come with buy-ins from $22 up to $1,050 and have a range of different formats including 6-Max, 7-Max, 8-Max, PKO, Turbos and more.

Be sure to check out the full side events schedule via out WPTWOC Hub.

Win Your Way Into The WPTWOC Championship and Side Events

There are still a plethora of satellites running around the clock that feed into the WPTWOC Championship Events and side events. It’s even possible to win your way into the $25,500 High Roller and $102,000 Super High Roller events from as little as $3.30!

Daily Phase qualifiers for these events are running right now with feeders costing a mere $3.30. At least five partypoker players will win their $102,000 Super High Roller seat for a maximum of $1,050! How amazing would it be to grind from $3.30 to $102,000 glory?

Our WPTWOC SPINS are still available but will be leaving the lobby soon. They only cost $10 to enter yet make it possible to win $20 cash, or WPT tickets ranging from $33 up to $10,300! Those of you with larger bankrolls can play in $100 buy-in WPTWOC SPINS that award $200 cash or WPT tickets worth from $320 to $10,300.

Come Play Our WPT Daily Specials

Our WPT Daily Specials continue to have WPT tickets added to their prize pools for free. Fire up the partypoker software and head to the “Tourneys” tab and you’ll see plenty of daily tournaments that have WPT tickets added to their prize pools. As if these events weren’t massive value already, our management goes and slings thousands of dollars worth of extra tickets at them!

Ready to join the party?

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