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2010 Premier League 3

Here’s how PokerNews reported it…

What’s the Law?

There’s a law in Nevada that you can’t cover your face in a casino. Daniel Negreanu questioned whether or not wearing the masks was legal and complained a little bit about Roland De Wolfe and Tony G wearing the masks. The tournament staff is going to check in on whether or not the law is true. We’ll see what happens and let you know.

Here’s the Ruling

The ruling is in and the masks have been removed. Tony G and Roland De Wolfe were forced to take of the masks because it is not allowed to cover your face while you’re in the casino. The tournament director took the masks away from the table and Tony G and De Wolfe looked a little bummed out like two kids having their favorite toys taken away.

No more toys but at least we still have the bike and trike

Talking of the trike, what are we going to do with it after the event finishes? I got an e-mail from a certain Ambassador of Poker and 2009 Poker Hall of Fame inductee – excerpt below:

“As for the bike with training wheels, “if” you’re going to leave it, how about giving it to Ty?”

Anything for your son Mr Sexton!

Mike also made this comment about a certain Unabomber in a yellow jersey…

“It’s really been astonishing how many times he’s drawn out on people.”

Phil Laak has eaten a bagel today though see PokerNews for details.


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