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There was no stopping the Roman charge at the weekend as player Roman_Mauric won our latest $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

The poker gladiator fought off 1,767 other hungry competitors to take the lion’s share of a magnificent $353,600 prize pool.

The regular buy-in for the $300K Guaranteed Sunday is $215, but many players qualify for a lot less. Have a look at the $300K Guaranteed Sunday page for more information on how you can be a next Sunday’s big-money table.

Here is the final table for Sunday’s tournament, complete with payouts after a deal was made:
1 Roman_Mauric, $43,499.28
2 Batnaess, $42,280.75
3 Apolon76, $26,607.63
4 IamKyu, $26,524.02
5 jonasrebane, $26,042.74
6 Nuttz4u, $11,668.80
7 TiltStarter, $9,016.80
8 buelent67, $6,188.00
9 WOOHOO50, $4,596.80
10 MWT55, $3,005.60

We invite all our $300K Guaranteed Sunday winners to tell us more about themselves, their top playing tips and, of course, what they’re going to do with all that cash. Our latest player in the spotlight is Stajje.

Stajje, also known as Øystein Stai, took down the February 10 tournament and walked away with a very cool $67,899.

“I’m going to travel, drink and have a lot of fun,” Øystein said. “I’m also going to spend some money on poker, hopefully win some more, and buy some stocks, too.”


When asked about the winning hand, the resident of Hamar, Norway, said: “The blinds were 60K/120K and I raised 480K with 7-7 from the button. He took his time before he went all-in with about 2.4million. I knew I was in front and called him quickly. He showed up A-2 and the table didn’t help him.” The student added: “This is one of the highlights of my career.”

Øystein has been in the $300K Guaranteed Sunday money before so we asked him what his strategy is for playing MTTs. He said: “Just to be patient. And value bet a lot. Bet when the other is weak and take down a lot of small pots.” So now you know.

Get involved in the $300K Guaranteed Sunday on right now. Click here to find out how you can take part.


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