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The stunning line-up for the Premier League III has caught the attention of the entire poker world and one man who cannot wait for the cards to be dealt is commentator Jesse May. Here are his thoughts on the tournament and in-depth profiles for all the contenders:

“Stunned. Elated. Tingles in my hands and toes. These are the feelings I’ve been having when contemplating the line-up for Premier League III. This tournament has finally arrived.

“The exposure in being selected, the tournament’s growing prestige plus the value of the added prize money is such that you must be thick in the head not to want to play in the Premier League. Of course there is also the ego factor. If you think you’ve got game, if you think you can hang with the best and perhaps even dominate them, the Premier League is the arena.

“This year, the Premier League has not just been infused, it’s been turbo-injected with serious poker skill. I think this is the first year where there will be absolutely no way to make the final table without playing poker a cut above the rest. I think this is where the six-seater, one table format gets its legs kicked out from under it and its clothes ripped off.

“What else makes the Premier League unique is drama and conflict. The fact that the players are all cooped up in a hotel for eight days, all the big egos thrown together like Big Brother, means there is no escape. It’s 24/7 and every year people crack up.

“With that in mind I’ve made notes on each player in a predicted order of finish. In addition I’ve listed who is most likely to get under that person’s skin and which player they most have to watch out for in the game itself. It’ll all be in my next post right here on the blog so don’t miss it.

“The potential for fireworks is off the chart. Whether I’m right or wrong I’m just glad to be able to watch it unfold.”


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