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Busto. You’re Out. Those cards get flipped over and lady luck just wasn’t on your side tonight. And it sure does suck right? The could’s, the should’s and the would’s coming flooding faster than Niagara Falls.

It’s all over and in some kind of beautiful slow motion only to be ever found in a Coen Brothers film you get up from your chair and exit the tournament area. Fade to black and roll credits. You’ve been sent to the rail as some donkey takes your chips, your chips that you fought so dam hard to get. You lost today, kid. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it. But what can you do? Nothing right? Wrong, not when it comes to the WPT Vienna at least.

Come the PartyPoker WPT Vienna anyone who qualified with PartyPoker who is unfortunate enough to bust first on day 1A and day 1B out of our qualifiers automatically gets a seat into the “The PartyPoker WPT Experience Side Event to take place at the The Montesino on Feb 21st & 22nd.

The PartyPoker WPT Experience Side event is a two day event featuring a $300+30 buy-in with Re-Entry’s allowed so this isn’t your standard freeroll and there’s bound to be some great value to be had there!

Read all about the upcoming WPT Vienna stop and make sure you qualify with PartyPoker today! Head to the Tournament Tab and then click on Events and you’ll see various WPT Vienna events going on! Good Luck!


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