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Chip Counts

So this was the level where we saw the first exit, but seven still remain as we head into level six and blinds of 8,000 – 16,000 ante 2,000. Whilst there’s a lot of distance between the biggest and shortest stack, Jennifer Tilly was the second shortest stack at the start of this level and finishes it second in chips. This is poker, this is the Premier League, anything can happen.

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level.

Talal Shakerchi – 549,000 (+19,000) 34 big blinds
Jennifer Tilly – 544,000 (+391,000) 34 big blinds
Dan Shak – 502,000 (+31,000) 31 big blinds
Phil Laak – 298,000 (+3,000) 19 big blinds
Tony G – 276,000 (-64,000) 17 big blinds
Tobias Reinkemeier – 116,000 (-160,000) 7.25 big blinds
Igor Kurganov – 98,000 (-18,000) 6 big blinds

Good level for

Jennifer TillyAbsolutely relentless was how Jesse May described Jennifer Tilly’s play in the last level. Once she got her double up she went on the rampage. With Tobias, Jason and Igor all short she put the peddle to the mettle and ended the level second in chips and just half a big blind off the chip leader.

Bad level for

Jason Mercier The American was eliminated in eighth place and so after two heats he has just six points. Jesse May reckons that’ll be enough to see him in the relegation zone at the half way stage, he’ll have to hope his luck turns, because it’s clear to see he’s got the skill to get himself out of this pickle.

Hand of the level

More than one, but they’re all of the same ilk. This was the level where players got short and we saw some shoving

First Jennifer Tilly got her chips in she was all-in and at risk for 151,000 with pocket queens, it was that most classic of races as Talal Shakerchi had . The flop gave Tilly a near lock on the hand, but the turn was the first part of the runner-runner that Shakerchi needed, but that didn’t materialise as the completed the board.

Next to get a double thru was Igor Kurganov, he shoved for 90,000 with the same hand as Tilly, Tobias Reinkemeier already had 24,000 in the pot, but he took his time before calling with because of the stack size and bagel considerations. The board of could see the Russian turn the corner in this Premier League.

Then down to just 56,000 left and with eight players still in Tobias Reinkemeier moved in with , Igor Kurganov made the call with but a jack on the river saw Reinkemeier survive and leave Kurganov with jut 69,000. “Do you really need those two points?” said Jason Mercier.

View from the booth

“So sick,” – Toby Lewis when Reinkemeier rivered a jack to double through Igor Kurganov

“It’s amazing that we still have eight players at this table despite the chaos we’ve seen.” – Jesse May when there were still eight players left in the heat.

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