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TeamParty Facebook BountyThe stars were out for the Team PartyPoker Facebook Bounty on Sunday.

163 players registered for the $10 + $1, joining 5 Team Party pros – Tony G, Ian Frazer, Dragan Galic, Bodo Sbrzesny, and Felipe Ramos.

The tournament gave Facebook members a chance to win $100 for knocking out one of the Team party bounties. But not long into the tournament, Tony G proved he wasn’t soft playing when he scooped one of the $100 for himself – eliminating team mate Felipe Ramos in 139th position.

How does it feel to have everyone gunning for you

“Sorry it takes so long to get you out” Tony joked, as he hit quads and dispatched Ramos.

PartyPoker player v4lente got to say ‘on your bike’ when Tony’s pocket 10s were no match for his Ad Qc, which made a pair on the Turn.

Ian Frazer finished not long later. “How does it feel to have everyone gunning for you” asked PartyPoker player Perchinon. “Had that for the last 5 years!” replied Frazer.

Nenad Miljkovic (Nesh99) scooped Dragan Galic’s bounty, when Dragan made a set of sixes, but Nenad flopped a set of Jacks. Amazingly, he scooped a second bounty for eliminating Bodo – while holding the exact same hand!

I had 12 more tables open, that’s why I was so tight

As if there wasn’t enough banter in the game, the trash talk continued over on PartyPoker’s Facebook page. “DraganGalic has more lives than a cat!” complained Conor Walsh.

After a few players complained that Bodo was playing too tightly, the German pro dropped in to defend himself. “I had 12 more tables open, that’s why I was so tight” he apologised.

In the final hand, Paul Fransson (nobody6610) pushed all-in holding Jh Js on a flop of Ad 10c 4h. He was called by joedeniro_ who was behind with Qd 10d – but caught a 10s on the turn to take the pot and win the tournament.

Joedeniro_ took $462 as well as a ticket to PartyPoker Monthly Million worth $640.

Top 10 Payouts

Screen Name – Win Amount(USD)

  1. joedeniro_ $462
  2. nobody6610 $278.88
  3. timmitaler $170.52
  4. JulianoAA $132.72
  5. Perchion $114.24
  6. o0eklipz0o $97.44
  7. nesh99 $78.96
  8. Mitcht00 $62.16
  9. Sascha72 $43.68
  10. DraganGalic $ 33.6

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  1. The name is Perchion not Perchinon :) Also, I thought Frazer was the first to go? Within the first few hands I knocked him down to 60 chips A-9 vs. KK and someone else scooped up the bounty on the next hand.