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Team PartyPoker sponsorship

Over the last 2 weeks, we have profiled the 16 contenders to the Team PartyPoker sponsorship on our official Facebook page. One of these 16 players from all around the world, will win the $100,000 poker sponsorship from PartyPoker.

The $100,000 Team PartyPoker sponsorship deal means that we will bankroll a player for a year on live poker circuit. The events would depend on the individual and his wants for events / travel, so might be very local events or might be global events. This will be discussed between Party and the player.

The player will be a full member of Team PartyPoker for that year, and he will represent Party for his country, play live events in our colors, write a blog on PartyPoker blog, and Tweet / Facebook / socialize in the social media as a PartyPoker representative.

These are the 16 contenders:

Giovanni Rizzo

Giovanni Rizzo from Italy. Giovanni is almost famous, his fans created a Facebook fan page for him while we were featuring his profile.

Gary Biggar

Gary Biggar from Canada. Gary qualified via $2 satellite and was ecstatic to meet his poker idol Daniel Negreanu, to whom he brought a special ice hockey jersey.

Scott Green

Scott Green from Canada. Scott qualified to Las Vegas through a $52 satellite.

Giovanni Safina

Giovanni Safina from Italy. Giovanni qualified to the final table in Vegas and won $150,000+ in process.

Fabian Pongratz

Fabian Pongratz from Switzerland. Fabian’s birthday was on the day of the shoot, he had great days meeting his poker idols and great nights in the Vegas nightlife. Stories of chili and headaches are his to tell.

Scott Wellenbach

Scott Wellenbach from Canada. Scott qualified via freerolls – never made a deposit! And he wants to give all his future earnings to charity.

Uwe Ritter

Uwe Ritter from Germany. Best day of Uwe’s life was meeting tennis legend Bjorn Borg, but that was before Vegas and Premier League. “A late Christmas present”, he says.

Miguel Proulx

Miguel Proulx from Canada. Miguel finished second in Premier League playoffs. He says: “If I had to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat”.

Kai Schieler

Kai Schieler from Germany. Kai qualified to Las Vegas trip spending less than $4 and was ready to play all the pros.

Gary To

Gary To from Canada. Gary made it into Premier League Poker by winning the free roll without having to deposit any money.

Marco Fantini

Marco Fantini from Italy. Marco plays poker professionally, owns a poker club and has been playing some high stakes cash games while in Vegas.

Marten Haferkorn

Marten Haferkorn from Germany. Here he tells about his dream of playing WSOP.

Paul Riggott

Paul Riggott from UK. Paul qualified to Premier League via $52 satellite, got through to the final playoffs where he finished 5th. “Best $52 spent in my life”, says Paul.

Fredrik Keitel

Fredrik Keitel from Germany. Fredrik got to Vegas on an invite from PartyPoker’s Palladium Lounge as he is a high stakes cash player at our tables.

Pontus Anderberg

Pontus Anderberg from Sweden. Pontus watched Premier League Poker on TV few years back, loved it and grabbed the chance to play in one of the qualifiers.

Talal Shakerchi

Talal Shakerchi from UK. Talal did great winning the initial heats but lost early on the final table.


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