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Tatjana Catsuit

Tatjana Pasalic is one of the most recognisable faces (and bodies) in poker. Let’s face it, this girl is a showstopper and today she is turning more heads than ever. Back in April Tatjana Pasalic and McLean Karr both entered the World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event in Vienna and they decided to have a last longer bet.

The forfeit would be an…

Entrance to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event dressed in a cat suit. The whole world was licking their lips in anticipation of Pasalic having to squeeze into a tight fitting suit, when she went and lasted longer than her man! But men will do anything to avoid such embarrassment and McLean re-entered on Day 2 and lasted longer than Pasalic the 2nd time around. We think he stitched her right up, but are glad he did, because the poker hostess, poker player and super chef looks MEOW!!!!

So what have you been up to?

I have worn make up twice this summer! I have been getting stuck into my passion for food and I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I have been making food for the likes of Phil Ivey, Scott Seiver, Eugene Katchalov, Jennifer Tilley and ElkY. I am also cooking at a private game for between 100 & 200 people so that has been challenging. I am learning what poker players like and am making them really happy, which is main goal.

How did your passion for food translate into a business idea for poker?

When I started dating McLean (Karr) he said my food was great and he would invite his friends to taste and they would say it was great also. So I was delighted with the idea of making people happy. People have complained that it is hard to eat healthy when playing poker and so it’s great to influence people’s lives in a positive way.

But didn’t you win the last longer bet?

Neither of knew it was a re-entry event and I did last longer…I don’t know could you imagine McLean in this suit? I worked out the whole summer, getting up at 07.30 each morning to do things like cross-fit, because I knew I was wearing this.

We saw on Twitter that you were addicted to butt massaging. What’s that all about?

It’s the best! My private trainer is half Asian and I would tell him how sore I was. He told me to go to Chinatown and get a butt massage and it really helps the pains in your lower back and legs.

So you are addicted to butt massages?

Yeah, it’s awesome!

You have done a lot of traveling in the last year – what are your highlights?

I have always traveled in the poker industry, but I have been traveling more through cooking and McLean. We went to Australia and Asia. I loved Hong Kong and am returning for a vacation soon. We also went to New York, which was great. Spending September in the South of France and then heading to New York, jetting to Asia…how can you complain?

Any last longer bets in this WSOP 2012 Main Event?

No…no not here in the WSOP more.


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