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How did you spend your Sunday night? Ironing your clothes for work? Making your packed lunched, again for work, or were you playing in our value-packed Sunday Majors and trying to win a huge sum of cash so that you didn’t have to head into the office on Monday morning?

Sweden’s “semislaktarn” was busy doing the latter and it was a great decision to play at partypoker this week because in the small hours of Monday morning, as many of us mere mortals were preparing to start the commute to our nine-to-fives, semislaktarn was taking down the $200K Guaranteed Sunday and claiming the $27,900 first place prize for himself.

On New Year’s Day of 2012, semislaktarn came close to winning the $100,000 Guaranteed High Roller at partypoker, falling in third place for a $17,339 score. Nine months later, he finished third again, this time in the $200K Guaranteed Sunday for $15,890. Now he has got the proverbial monkey off his back and taken down one of our Sunday Majors; let’s find out how he did it, starting at the nine-handed final table.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (August 17, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 iamworst22 310,576
2 MONEYBILL7777 577,181
3 NLJFF 192,568
4 pinktacoeater 806,348
5 Jonny7 91,272
6 BombDropper 579,160
7 Romaneee 649,031
8 semislaktarn 660,033
9 milfhunter6969 558,831

Jonny7 started the final table as the shortest stack and in dire need of a double. That all-important boost to his stack failed to arrive and he busted on the 14th hand of proceedings.

iamworst22 min-raised to 30,000 from middle position and then called when Jonny7 re-raised all-in for 60,972 in total from the small blind. It was the of iamworst22 versus the of Jonny7 and when the five community cards ran it was game over for Jonny 7.

Nine hands later and another short stack fell by the wayside to leave the final table with seven players at it. milfhunter6969 opened the betting with a raise to 30,000 from middle position, two players ducked out of the way, but NLJFF raised all-in for 62,968 from the cutoff. The button folded and BombDropper four-bet all-in for 488,560 from the small blind. Folds from the big blind and milfhunter6969 meant it was heads-up and NLJFF was at risk of elimination.

NLJFF’s exit was confirmed a few seconds later when the board ran out meaning his was a second best hand to the in the hand of BombDropper. Game over for NLJFF.

After that early flurry of bust outs, it took another 27 hands before the final table lost another player. With blinds now 10,000/20,000 with a running ante of 2,000, MONEYBILL7777 open-shoved from the big blind, which set pinktacoeater all-in for his 310,966 stack. MONEYBILL7777 had made his move with and when pinktacoeater, who finished eighth in this tournament earlier in the year, called with the MONEYBILL7777 looked set to hand over almost half of his stack.

That outcome still seemed the most likely by the turn because pinktacoeater’s ace-high was the best hand. However, the on the river improved MONEYBILL7777 to a pair of tens and resigned pinktacoeater to a seventh place finish.

Six became five 12 hands later when ace-jack once again lost despite getting it in good. From under the gun, semislaktarn raised twice the size of the big blind to 50,000. Next to act was milfhunter6969 with 279,731 chips and in front of him. A few seconds later and those 279,731 chips were pushed into the middle of the felt, folding out everyone back around to semislaktarn. With a big stack of almost 1.5 million, semislaktarn knew calling and losing wouldn’t be disastrous for him and call he did, with .

The end result certainly was not disastrous for semislaktarn because he improved to a flush on the turn of the board to send milfhunter6969 to the sidelines.

One hand later and iamworst22 needed to change his name to iambusted22 because after moving all-in for 347,903 from the cutoff with and being called by MONEYBILL7777 on the button with , the five community cards fell ] and iamworst22 was gone.

Next to head for the exits was BombDropper. Down to less than 10 big blind, BombDropper moved all-in when first to act from the small blind for 283,056 chips with what turned out to be . Romaneee was sat in the big blind with and a one million stack and made the call.

A few moments later, the board read and with that BombDropper was out of contention for the $27,900 first place prize.

The remaining three player were quite evenly matched. The largest stack, 1.727 million was that of semislaktarn with MONEYBILL7777 on 1.359 million and Romaneee on 1.329 million.

Semislaktarn seemed to be getting the better of his opponents when three-handed and after 42 hands of playing against them he found aces to send MONEYBILL7777 to the rail. After limping in preflop from the small blind, semislaktarn watched on as MONEYBILL7777 raised all-in for 889,071 from the big blind. He of course quickly called with the best hand in Texas Hold’em and discovered his “bullets” were up against MONEYBILL7777’s .

A flop reading gave MONEYBILL7777 a glimmer of hope to a flush, but it never arrived as the turn and river completed the board and left semislaktarn holding a significant 3,778,326 to 636,674 chip advantage over Romaneee going into heads-up.

It took all of 15 hands for semislaktarn to despatch of his now sole opponent, during which time he had reduced him to less than five big blinds while boosting his own stack past the four million mark. Semislaktarn raised all-in from the button with and Romaneee called from the big blind with . A final board reading improved semislaktarn to the best hand, busted Romanee and left semislaktarn to collect the $27,900 first place prize and the title of $200K Guaranteed Sunday champion.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (August 17, 2014)

Seat Player Prize
1 semislaktarn $27,900
2 Romaneee $16,900
3 MONEYBILL7777 $10,100
4 BombDropper $7,600
5 iamworst22 $5,500
6 milfhunter6969 $4,000
7 pinktacoeater $3,180
8 NLJFF $2,500
9 Jonny7 $2,000

The $500K Guaranteed Returns!

If a $200,000 prize pool is enough for you to go all tingly with excitement, what about one weighing in at $500,000 – that is half of a million dollars!

The latest instalment of the $500K Guaranteed is set to run at 14:00ET (20:00CET) on Sunday, 21st of September and if the previous edition is anything to go by, anyone playing in it will be in for a real treat.

When the $500K Guarantee last ran, back in May 2014, a staggering 3,057-strong field took to the felt and generated a $568,602 prize pool. The lion’s share of that massive sum went to Swee Fah Chai, otherwise known as sweetster who collected $85,688.57 for his victory, a win made all the more sweeter by the fact he qualified for the tournament for only $2!

Read more about sweetster’s epic win in our recap of the $500K Guaranteed.

WPT500 at Dusk Till Dawn Qualifiers Launched

The WPT500 heads to Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, United Kingdom in November and features a gigantic £1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool despite the buy-in being an affordable £500. You could be heading their even cheaper than £500 because special qualifier and satellite tournaments are now in the partypoker lobby. Have you won your seat yet?

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