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Fabulous Las Vegas is a place that every poker player should visit at least once in their lifetime, and thanks to partypoker you could be doing just that via our special satellites that feed into the $1 million guaranteed WPT500 tournament.

You can win your way to the place affectionately known as “Sin City” for as little as a single cent – click this link for more details – but once you have your hands on a $3,000 package, you need to prepare for the poker holiday of your life. The following tips will help ensure that your first Vegas trip is one fulfilling your dreams, not creating nightmares.

Make all the necessary preparations

Before you fly to Las Vegas, make sure that you have everything in order. You won’t even be allowed in the United States if you do not have an ESTA complete. This will cost you $14 and must be done at least 72-hours before you travel.

Also make sure that your passport is valid, and will be by the time you return home, and it is worth making a note of your hotel accommodation so that you’re not caught off guard when you get your feet on American soil after a long flight.

Don’t drink on the flight

Those of you from the various countries in Europe are going to face a long flight, probably in excess of 12 hours – it’s called long-haul for a reason! While it is tempting to drink some of the free booze on the flight, doing so will only dehydrate you, which combined with tiredness from a long journey, and potential jet lag, is a recipe for disaster.

Most long haul flights have entertainment on them via consoles in the back of the seat in front, but trust me when I say that after watching four movies in a row – something I did during my first Vegas trip – you won’t even be halfway to your destination so having a book or something else to break up the travel time will be a Godsend.

If you must walk, take lots of water

Until I visited Las Vegas, I thought the locals were being lazy when they said it is best not to walk anyway. Then I set off to the local store in the midday sun and almost cooked in my own skin! It is easier when on foot to think places are closer than they are, so if you do feel the urge to walk somewhere, do so with plenty of water with you.

Jet lag is real

Something else I thought was a myth was jet lag. Having only really travelled within Europe, I’d never felt the effects of jetlag. Oh how that changed when I went to Las Vegas! I spent two days waking at unholy hours, being ready for bed during the afternoon, and not having a clue what time it was, something not helped by none of the casinos having clocks or windows.

On your first night in Vegas, instead of heading out and having a night on the tile, or going straight to bed, try to stay up until your usual bedtime and then go have some rest. While this won’t negate the full effects of jet lag, it will help your natural body clock adjust faster, and that will work in your favour when it comes to playing in the WPT500.

Dress for the occasion

Have you ever noticed that photographs of poker players in Vegas usually see the subject wearing a jumper or hoodie despite it being 120 degrees outside? That is because Vegas casinos are notoriously freezing cold due to the air conditioning.

Take a backpack with you that has a warm jumper or similar in it otherwise you’ll sit shivering, which is not good for playing solid poker!

Above all, enjoy yourself. Befriend the dealers as they’ll know local haunts where you can get cheap drinks, tickets, and more, and make sure you keep some space in your suitcase for that coveted winner’s trophy!

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