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Sometimes, in poker, the stars align for you and greatness can be achieved. Canada’s Sebastien Proulx can attest to that being true. You see, when Proulx wakes up later today and logs into his PartyPoker account, he will find his balance has increased by a massive $123,602. He also gets to call himself a poker champion, the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event champion, no less.

Proulx’s victory was impressive in its own right because it is difficult to come out on top of a stellar field of 978 entrants in a $1,050 buy-in $1 million guaranteed tournament. However, Proulx’s victory is one of the greatest poker achievements seen at PartyPoker because he won the $123,602 top prize for only a $6 investment. Six bucks, let that sink in for a while.

The Canadian’s decision to enter a $6 MILLIONS Online KO Phase 1 satellite turned out to be a solid choice. Proulx progressed from that $6 buy-in satellite and found himself in a $33 buy-in Phase 2 affair. He then made it through the Phase 2 and took his seat in the no direct buy-in final, which he where he qualified for the $1,050 buy-in MILLIONS Online KO Main Event. Three days later, Proulx had his name in lights after becoming the Main Event’s champion, an accolade that came with $123,602, and for only six dollars! What a guy!

MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Sebastien Proulx Canada $56,762 $66,840 $123,602
2 Andre Marques Malta $29,278 $66,737 $96,015
3 Mathias Siljander Finland $12,632 $44,219 $56,851
4 Vojtech Skalak Czech Republic $11,386 $28,668 $40,054
5 Vlad Martynenko Ukraine $26,220 $19,559 $45,779
6 Viktor Zsemlye Austria $4,347 $15,068 $19,405
7 Martins Adeniya United Kingdom $1,769 $11,076 $12,845
8 Matthieu Rodriguez United Kingdom $4,781 $8,799 $13,580
9 Pieter Theelen Austria $437 $6,960 $7,397

Blinds at the final table started at 1,250,000/2,500,000/315,000a and it did not take long for the tournament to lose a player. Viktor Zsemlye opened to 5,500,000 with from middle position, and Pieter Theelen three-bet to 20,250,000 with , leaving himself less than six big blinds behind. Zsemlye set his opponent all-in, and was called. Theelen picked up a flush draw on the turn but he missed the river, and headed to the rail in ninth place.

Matthieu Rodriguez was the next casualty of the final table. First, Martins Adeniya doubled through him in a battle of the blinds, which left Rodriguez nursing a 16 big blind stack. Rodriguez added a few more chips to his stack but busted shortly after the 1,500,000/3,000,000/375,000a level kicked off. Rodriguez min-raised to 6,000,000 under the gun with , and the action folded to Mathias Siljinder in middle position. Siljinder three-bet to 15,000,000 with the dominating before calling when Rodriguez ripped it in for 68,741,424 in total. No help arrived for Rodriguez and he fell by the wayside.

Seventh place went to the dangerous Adeniya after a cooler of a hand. Siljinder min-raised to 7,000,000 from under the gun, one player folded, and Proulx three-bet to 21,000,000 with . The action folded to Adeniya in the small blind, and he shoved for 48,617,708 with . Siljinder folded, but Proulx snap-called. The Canadian’s kings held and Proulx was now second in chips.

Zsemlye’s tournament ended abruptly during the same level that Adeniya crashed out. Andre Marques raised to 7,350,000 with from the cutoff, Vlad Martynenko flat-called in the small blind with , only for Zsemlye to squeeze all-in from the big blind for 79,152,935 with what turned out to be . Marques mucked, but Martynenko made the call. Martynenko’s king-high won the pot, and resigned Zsemlye to a sixth-place finish.

Marques Mauls Martynenko

Martynenko couldn’t put Zsemlye’s chips to much use because he was the next player heading for the exits. Martynenko lost a large pot to Marques before making an ill-time bluff on a four-flushed board when Proulx held the nuts. The last of Martynenko’s stack went into the middle during the 2,000,000/4,000,000/500,000a level. Marques made it 8,400,000 to go with , Martynenko three-bet shoved for 30,900,230 with , and Marques called hoping to snag a $13,360 bounty. That is exactly what he did because the board ran flopping Martynenko dead.

The MILLIONS Online Opener PKO champion Vojtech Skalak was the next player finding themselves void of chips; Skalak busted at the hands of Proulx in another cooler hand. From the small blind, Proulx made it 12,000,000 to go with [Ks[ and instantly called when Skalak jammed his 108,663,624 stack into the middle holding the dominated . The ace-king remained true, and Proulx was now not only the MILLIONS Online KO Main Event champion but only two eliminations away from creating an epic story and becoming a PartyPoker champion for a mere $6.

Three-handed play lasted almost exactly one hour, and ended with Siljinder heading into the night. Siljinder open-shoved for 84,482,752 with when the big blind cost 6,000,000, Marques flat-called in the small blind, and Proulx folded in the big blind. Marques showed , and Siljinder needed some help. That help never arrived as the community cards fell jack-high.

That hand gave Marques a 541,038,220 to 436,961,780 chip advantage over Proulx going into heads-up. However, Proulx quickly drew level before forging a lead for himself. The lead changed hands a few times, before the momentum began swinging in Proulx’s favour.

The final hand occurred during the 3,500,000/7,000,000/875,000a level. Proulx min-raised to 14,000,000 with , and Marques called with . Both players checked the flop, leading to the turn, which gifted Proulx two pair. Marques led for 22,312,500 only for Proulx to raise enough to set Marques all-in for the 74,337,220 chips he had behind. Marques called and needed to spike the river, but the river was a brick. Proulx had done it! His initial investment of $6 had swelled to $123,602 and the title of MILLIONS Online KO Main Event champion.

Commiserations to Marques who played some incredible poker and thoroughly deserved his $96,015 score. Amazingly, Marques finished third in the $109 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event for an additional $13,138, another super story showing if you love poker, you play at Party.

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