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The Sunday Carnival has been a two-day tournament ever since its launch in January 2023. The two-day format saw the Day 1 field whittled to only 16 players, with those survivors returning to PartyPoker the following day to conclude the event. However, following feedback from you, our valued players, we switched the Sunday Carnival to a traditional format, and the change looks to have been well-received.

The other significant change was making the first three levels each last 20 minutes before reverting to seven minutes after that. This shift allows players to enjoy the Sunday Carnival in the early stages without worrying about rapidly escalating blinds, giving our players more bang for their buck.

By the time the late registration period ended, some 1,669 entries of $22 each had been processed, which meant the $30,000 guarantee was not only met but surpassed by another $3,380. Half of the $33,380 prize pool was awarded to the top 279 finishers, with the remaining half placed on the heads of each entrant in the form of a progressive bounty.

One of those entrants was our very own Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples, but the famous Canadian failed in his quest for glory. Staples busted in 829th place without claiming a bounty, so he went home empty-handed. No doubt, Staples will be back next Sunday with renewed vigour.

Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 NarguileirO $2,137 $1,884 $4,021
2 faelcpv $210 $1,880 $2,090
3 smokebillowin99 $422 $1,213 $1,635
4 DamCore567 $56 $800 $856
5 Terp5058 $283 $543 $826
6 Retashow $405 $414 $819
7 Miselpro92 $311 $301 $612
8 hasimagasa $117 $240 $357
9 Raspa de Bong $65 $188 $253

Nobody could take home less than $253, with bounties included, by the time the nine-handed final table was reached. “Raspa de Bong” was the PartyPoker player claiming that sum after falling in ninth.

“hasimagasa” joined the ever-growing list of busted Sunday Carnival players, their eighth-place finish coming with $357 in prize money. “Miselpro92” ($612) and “Retashow” ($819) crashed by the wayside, leaving only five players in contention for the title of champion.

Four Figure Scores All Round

Those five became four with the elimination of “Terp5058,” who banked $826. Fourth place and $856 went to “DamCore567,” and their exit locked in a four-figure score for the final trio of players, a great return on a $22 investment.

“smokebillowin99” had sent nine opponents to the rail on their way to reaching the final three, but a tenth scalp eluded them. They busted in third, collected $1,635, and the Sunday Carnival progressed to the heads-up stage.

“NarguileirO” and “faelcpv” fought one-on-one for the right to call themselves the Sunday Party champion and, of course, the lion’s share of the prize pool. Eventually, ” faelcpv ” ran out of luck and had to console themselves with a $2,090 runner-up prize. The champion, “NarguileirO”, scooped $4,021 for their victory, almost twice the amount of anyone else, thanks, in part, to a cool $2,137 from the bounty prize pool!

Win Your Way Into the Next Sunday Carnival

Your next opportunity to play in the Sunday Carnival is at 19:05 GMT on October 29, and while the $22 buy-in is at the more affordable end of the scale, we know that many of our players like to try winning their way into our biggest events.

The Sunday Carnival satellites start at a mere $0.22 and come in a range of buy-ins, including $0.33, $2.20, and $3.30. You can find dedicated Sunday Carnival satellites in the PartyPoker online poker lobby under that name, or you can jump into the Daily Legends satellites, which eventually award $22 tickets that can be used for the Sunday Carnival.

Will you follow in the footsteps of “NarguileirO” and turn your initial investment into over $4,000? Here is hoping you do this weekend.


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