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stewartscottloresParty Poker sponsored pro, and defending Aussie Millions champion Stewart Scott found his groove just in time for the main event by placing 5th in the $1,000 rebuy tournament, which attracted 108 players.  For his efforts Stewart pocketed $37,000 AUD.

In Stewart’s own words “It was a tough field of players. I managed to tripple up early but slowly got grinded down to a medium and then a short stack for a large portion of the tournament. I was card dead and my table was just too good to get away with any fancy moves.

What turned things around was when I moved to a new table and the following hand was played out: The button standard raised my big blind and I flat called with A6. Flop comes out J99 and I check. Button bets $1k and I check-raised to $3.5k. Button calls.

On the turn comes a 2, that shouldn’t change anything and I checked again. Button bets $5k and I’m thinking of folding but trust my instincts and do another check-raise up to $10k. There’s now $18k in the pot and I only have $12k behind. The guy goes into the tank and I’m almost starts melting and screaming inside go away! Finally the guy folds and I can start breathing again. That hand turned things around and I could play in a more relaxed mood.”

Stewart continues “I played at the same table as cricket icon Shane Warne for more than 5 hours and I must admit I was impressed by his down to earth personality and poker skills. Shane managed to get to the final table which is quite an achievement considering the field was mainly consisting of pro players.”


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