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Sunday saw the inaugural Pokerfest Micro Turbo edition Main Event take place, and what a spectacular tournament it was. By the time registration closed, there were 3,579 entrants, yet the tournament was still concluded in four hours and seven minutes! This meant the eventual champion, stevenstevenson’s $7,875 winner’s prize was earned at a rate of almost $1,950 per hour!

The action throughout the tournament was fast and furious, and that continued onto the final table which took only 17 minutes from start to finish.

Pokerfest Micro Turbo Main Event Final Table Seat Draw (Dec.15, 2013)

Seat Player Chips
1 stevenstevenson 14,524,887
2 Empty
3 The_Underlife 9,007,508
4 Jakef131 8,815,468
5 savat1966 5,159,888
6 Hallonbanan92 9,328,558
7 Peipsinat 7,885,891
8 Robotyx 9,297,308
9 Eventus4 1,508,224
10 xplussx 4,234,268

Hand number one of the final table resulted in the first elimination, hardly surprising when the blinds were a staggering 1,000,000/2,000,000 with a running ante of 200,000! savat1966 open-shoved for 5,159,888 in early position with and Robotyx looked him up with . The final board read .

Three hands later and a three-way all-in resulted in Eventus4 busting from the tournament.Eventtus4 moved all in from early position for less than a small blind with and both stevenstevenson ( and Peipsinat ( looked him up. By the river the board read , Eventus4 busted, stevestevenson was left with a micro stack and Pepsinat was the big stack!

Next to head for the rail was Jakef131 who saw Hallonbanan92 move in for 4,328,558 chips. Jakef131 was in the big blind and only had 815,468 chips at his disposal so called them off with . Unfortunately for Jakef131, Hallonbananan92 had made his move with the best hand in Texas Holdem, the super strong . The didn’t even hint at helping Jakef131 and he became the seventh place finisher.

By this point, stevenstevenson had rebuilt his stack to over 16 million and was one of the bigger stacks. His chip lead was confirmed when he jammed with and was looked up by Robtyx who called his last three big blinds with . Five jack-less community cards later and the final table was down to five players.

Five became four when stevenstevenson continued his one-man wrecking spree. He moved all in from the button with and Hallonbanan92 called from his seat in the big blind with . The flop meant there were more diamonds on show than Beyonce owns, but Hallonbanan92 needed another to appear, specifically the , otherwise he would bust. The turn and river failed to improve Hallonbanan92 to his unlikely straight flush and the table gained another empty seat.

Pocket pairs become lethal weapons when the stacks are short, just as Peipsinat. He moved in with and The_Underlife called with . The flop meant The_Underlife could catch a king or queen to stay in the competition, but neither appeared on the final two community cards. Game over for The_Underlife.

Third place, and $2,525 in prize money, went to Peipsinat who got his chips into the middle with and found himself up against the of stevenstevenson. An ace on the flop was enough to bust Peipsinat and leave stevenstevenson to take on xplussx heads-up for the title.

It was a rather uneven contest between the final two players as stevenstevenson held a massive 64,789,998 to 6,709,012 chip lead. Amazingly, xplussx managed to last 10 hands before getting his chips in with and running into the of stevenstevenson. The flop left xplussx needing only a king to win. The turn was no help and the improved stevenstevenson to an unnecessary full house and the title of Pokerfest Main Event champion!

Pokerfest Micro Turbo Main Event Final Table Results (Dec.15, 2013)

Place Player Prize
1st stevenstevenson $7,875
2nd xplussx $4,325
3rd Peipsinat $2,525
4th The_Underlife $1,900
5th Hallonbanan92 $1,325
6th Robotyx $925
7th Jakef131 $675
8th Eventus4 $525
9th savat1966 $400
10th gochoman80 $325

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