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Steve O’Dwyer added the 2022 Irish Open Main Event title to his long list of poker-related accolades after bulldozing his way to victory. O’Dwyer eliminated all eight of his final table opponents to become the worthy recipient of the Main Event’s trophy and the €318,700 first-place prize money.

2022 Irish Open Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Steve O’Dwyer €318,700
2 Kyle Maguire €195,800
3 Mircea Rus €138,700
4 Garry Spinks €103,600
5 Dan Wilson €81,550
6 Matthew Bushell €61,600
7 Chris Williams €46,550
8 Justin Boyle €36,440
9 Patrick Clarke €26,630

Former Irish Open Main Event champion Patrick Clarke was the first O’Dwyer casualty. O’Dwyer opened to 260,000 and instantly called when Clarke three-bet all-in for 2,000,000. Clarke showed , O’Dwyer the , and the board ran .

O’Dwyer then sent Justin Boyle to the rail while his stack increased to swallow up half the chips in play. Dan Wilson opened to 400,000 from under the gun, and Boyle three-bet all-in for 3,000,000 from the next seat across. O’Dwyer, from the button, four-bet shoved to isolate Boyle, and it worked because Wilson folded. Boyle showed and O’Dwyer the . By the river the board read and Boyle was gone.

A coinflip scenario sent Chris Williams to the rail in seventh-place. Williams open-shoved for 3,300,000 from late position with and O’Dwyer re-jammed from the button with . The hot-running O’Dwyer spiked an ace on the flop of the board, ending Williams’ run.

Matthew Bushell

Matthew Bushell could not overcome O’Dwyer’s hot run

The rich became richer after a hand that typified how O’Dwyer was running. O’Dwyer moved all-in from the button with and Matthew Bushell dared to take him on with from the blinds. Bushell’s hand remained true on the flop but the turn and river improved O’Dwyer to a hand-winning flush.

O’Dwyer’s one-man wrecking spree continued with him claiming the tournament life of Dan Wilson. The winner of the 2016 Irish Open Main Event was already all-in from the big blind with the lowly when O’Dwyer’s min-raise from the button, with , went uncalled. O’Dwyer improved to a straight, of course he did, courtesy of the run out.

Garry Spinks

Garry Spinks turned €115 into €103,600

The first six-figure prize went to Dusk Till Dawn regular Garry Spinks, who won his €1,100 seat via a €115 buy-in satellite. Spinks looked down at and called off his 7,600,000 stack after O’Dwyer had ripped in his monster stack, doing so with . O’Dwyer flopped trips when the first three community cards fell . The turn and river busted Spinks, who banked €103,600 for his incredible, deep run.

O’Dwyer sent the tournament into the heads-up stage when he sent Mircea Rus home in third, a finish worth €138,700. O’Dwyer set Rus all-in with and Rus called with . Neither player improved on the board.

Scotland’s Kyle Maguire, cheered on by a raucous rail, trailed O’Dwyer by more than 10-to-1 in chips, a bridge that would have been difficult to bridge even if O’Dwyer was not sun-running. The final hand saw O’Dwyer jam with and Maguire call all-in with . The dealer fanned the board, gifting O’Dwyer a pair of aces, and resigning Maguire to a €195,800 runner-up prize.

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