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Earlier this afternoon, Ana Marquez was flying high among the chip leaders but she lost the majority of her stack during the last couple of levels.

During our round of the tournament area we have seen Marque pull the trigger on at least three occasions, getting her stack into the middle of the felt with the air of someone who couldn’t care less if they lost and were sent into the cold London night. Each time Marquez shoved nobody wanted to call and she won the blinds and antes.

We visited Marquez just now and saw her three-bet all in for 12,750 over the top of a middle position raise, who then instantly called when the action was back on him. He looked like he was embarrassed to push Marquez out of the door as he tuned over the . Miss Marquez revealed the and was in bad shape to say the least.

The flop kept the aces ahead, but one of the other players at the table commented that Marquez had a backdoor draw to the straight. The turn was the improving the pair of aces to a set. The river was another paint card, the straight-completing and Marquez doubled up to 26,000 and will be able to stay in the warmth of the casino for a while longer.

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