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Let’s roll! You can now play Snowball – a generous new poker promotion where your prizes pile up each day throughout September.

The Snowball will rapidly grow your bankroll because you get to keep every prize you earn during the promotion.  So rather than losing the prizes you earned in the early stages of the promotion you get to keep every prize you win as you climb through the levels.  You can grab up to $5,000 in cash prizes and $100,000 in freeroll tickets just by earning PartyPoints by playing on

You’ll collect a prize each time you earn enough PartyPoints to smash through one of Snowball’s 15 stages, more info here. Your rewards range from a $5,000 freeroll ticket to $5,000 in cash. You can stop wherever you like, and keep everything you’ve earned. (Yes, including your PartyPoints!)

Here’s an example

•    Earn 5 Points and win a $5,000 freeroll ticket
•    Earn 25 Points and win a $10,000 freeroll ticket, plus the $5,000 ticket
•    Earn 50 Points and get a $15,000 freeroll ticket, plus the tickets you already have

Careful spacing means you’re never far from winning more cash, so keep playing when you hit a prize, because the next reward is guaranteed to be even more valuable.

Keep a close watch on your PartyAccount every day during the Snowball. You can see what prizes you’ve scooped so far, and what you’re playing for next.


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