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Elior Sion is running away with the World Poker Tour National London Main Event and looks set to, at a bare minimum, reach the eight handed final table. After all, he does have a quarter of the chips in play!

Some of his monstrous 1,300,000 stack used to belong to Benjamin Pollak, but no more. Sion was first to act on the button and he raised then called when Pollak three-bet to 41,000 from the big blind. The pair then checked the flop but when the fell on the turn, Pollak led for 48,000. Sion was prepared to pay this amount and he called.

The river was the completed a possible flush but Pollak didn’t want to represent it, and he checked. Sion paused for the count of ten before moving all in, prompting a snap-fold from Pollak..

Pollak is now on 160,000 while Sion is crushing.

While that hand was taking place Radoslaw Morawiec moved all in for 147,000 from under-the-gun and looked like he was just going to pick up the blinds and antes. However, when the action reached Kevin Williams in the big blind, Williams called.

“Eights might be lucky,” said Williams when he saw his was up against his opponent’s . Eights were indeed lucky as they held on a board.

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