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During the break Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger and Ben “NeverscaredB” Wilinofsky were laughing and hugging each other while being interviewed by Kara Scott. The mood has just been changed – and dramatically – after this amazing hand.

Griffin Benger raises to 20,000, from the cutoff, holding and Ben Wilinofsky three-bets, on the button, holding making it 50,000 to play. The action folds around to Benger who four-bets to 95,000. Wilinofsky believes the sizing is a good one for a move, and he ships his entire stack into the juke box. Benger calls in a heartbeat, and Wilinosky looks as sick as a pig. He is five community cards away from being eliminated at the hands of his good friend.


Wilinofsky has a glimmer of hope when he pairs his seven.


Wilinofsky takes the lead! Benger looks sick!


We don’t think Benger wants to hug Wilinofsky anymore!

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