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Whenever you read the end-of-day recaps on the various poker tours, the World Poker Tour National included, they tend to focus on the chip leader and those players in the chasing pack who bagged up plenty of chips. And rightly so because chips mean points and points usually end up meaning prizes.

But what about those unfortunate souls who start Day 2 of a major tournament with a short stack, who ever talks about those players? We do, that’s who.

We have already lost Renee Xie from the WPT National London, but we do not think she will be too bothered because she seemed super excited to have the stars from the Premier League VI in the casino.

There are also two more well-known shorties still among the 105 players seated in the poker room behind us. Scott Shelley started with 10,400 chips (blinds 400/800/100a) and is going to have to choose his shoving spots carefully because he is surrounded by top players who will call him if they sense he is moving in with anything other than premium holdings.

Jerome Bradpiece is slightly deeper stacked with 11,800 chips. He got these into the middle from under the gun and picked up the blinds and antes, adding nearly 18%.

*late edit*

Shelley has been eliminated judging by the fact he is seated at the Premier League VI table helping the camera crew get set up. GG sir.

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