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Are you thinking about trying our Casual Cash Games but are currently undecided about doing so? Like someone sat on the edge of a swimming pool dipping their toes into the water, are you unsure of what lies ahead if you took the plunge? Thankfully, our casual cash games are anything but scary, the total opposite in fact, just look at these six reasons that you should be playing in them right now.

1.) You Can Engage With Your Fellow Players More

Poker is a social game at heart, one where you have the opportunity to chat to people from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life. Where else could you sit down with five players who hail from all over the world and have something in common with all of them – the love of poker.

If you’re playing on several tables at once, you hardly have any time to think never mind strike up conversation with your fellow player. You’ll be amazed at who you can bump into at the virtual felt if you take a few moments to type into the chat box.

2.) They’re Full of Like-minded Players


When you sit at a casual cash game table, that is the only cash game you can sit in. This means, like you, everyone who is seated on your table is playing only that particular table and probably has the same mind set as you – playing poker for fun.

While the majority of partypoker customers love our casual cash games, they are not for everyone. In particular, those grinders who prefer to play several tables simultaneously stay away from them, which is good news for you because these multi-tabling types are often solid, winning players who you probably wouldn’t want to be playing against.

3.) You Have More Time to Make Your Decisions


Online poker plays much faster than in a live casino, often up to three times as fast, which sometimes leaves players rushing important decisions. This problem is exacerbated when they play more than one table at a time and can lead to them playing a robotic style that is easily combated.

By having more time to make your decisions, you can relax more when you’re playing poker. Who wants to chill out at the end of a long day by having to make hundreds of decisions per minute across six tables when you can sit back in your favourite chair, play a single casual cash game table at a more leisurely pace.

4.) They Give Your More Time to Multi task


It seems like a large section of society lead busy lives that leave little time to do other things such as streaming a movie, catching up on social media or browsing the World Wide Web. Thanks to the casual cash games being more relaxed and the fact you can only play a single table at once, you have capacity to do the aforementioned things while you’re playing poker.

Try watching a film when you have five cash game tables bleeping and flashing at you for your attention!

5.) They Are Great For Improving Your Game or Testing a New Strategy


Of course, just because you have the chance to multitask doesn’t mean you have to, you could put that extra brain capacity to use improving your poker skills. By only having to concentrate on the one table on your screen you can test out new strategies easier (and see the results easier), or spend more time trying to “play the player” and not just your cards.

It is difficult to try something new, such as playing looser, when you have to worry about what is going on elsewhere.

6.) Create the Live Casino Feel


One of the reasons that online poker is so popular is because you can play it from the comfort of your own home. However, some people prefer to play poker at their local casino because they’re get to see their opponents and get to chat with them.

By playing our casual cash games, you will be seated with the same group of players, have more time to chat with them and become acquainted with them, much like when you step foot into a casino or poker room.

What’s more, by practising and improving your game at a single table online, when you do return to the bricks-and-mortar venue, you will be able to adapt to the pace of the game better because you won’t have been playing a thousand of hands per hour back home!

7.) Our Special Free £20 Offer


If the previous six reasons for playing Casual Cash Games haven’t grabbed your attention perhaps throwing some free money at you will! Players from the United Kingdom who create a partypoker account for the first time can enjoy a free £20 of play that can be used at our Casual Cash Game tables.

Full terms and conditions regarding the free £20 offer can be found here.

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  1. We are very happy to see an expansion of the Casual Cash Games at Party Poker. This is the only poker site using this type of approach that I am aware of. I find these games to be of the highest quality (i.e. the fish to shark ratio is far better than on normal tables or at other online poker sites).

    Thanks Party Poker, I think you found a winner :)