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Second chances, lucky breaks, a do over, hey everyone needs one now and again right? And the poker world is no different as there’s nothing quite more agonizing than busting out of tournament, that whole “should I stay and watch this or just get the hell out of here” constantly running around your head as you feel trapped like a rabbit in the headlights before prizing yourself out of your chair.

Well luckily enough for partypoker qualifier James Finigan aka ‘jimbofinigan’ he got that lucky break in our Second Chance Freeroll at the recently held WPT National in Milton Keynes. Meaning he get’s another shot at title come the partypoker WPT National London held this February 27- March 2, 2014.

Catching Up

We managed to catch up with this lucky so of a…James for a few quick words:

Dany Willis: Wow quite the break there James well done, so how long have you been playing poker for?

James Finigan: I started playing just over 10 years ago and partypoker was the first site I played on

DW: Where would we find you?

JF: I mainly play online but have started playing a little bit more live this year and have played the last 2 WPT national events which have really enjoyed. Usually play 25/50 cent cash games and $50 -$100 tournament buy ins.

DW: And outside of poker

JF: Main hobbies are playing and watching football which is good because I work at a football stadium and also drinking alcohol ha-ha.

DW: Day job or is poker your full time gig?

JF: Yes I’ve had a day job since I’ve left school so am restricted of how much poker I can play and can’t really go to as many live events as I would like.

DW: So who’d you love to play against any favorites?

JF: I don’t really have favorites when it comes to other poker players, I just see them the same as me, normal people trying to win money playing poker.

DW: Playing the fun theoretical game, you win the event then what?

JF: 6) Well I’m saving for a house so it would be a lovely chunk towards a nice deposit.

DW: Invite us to the moving in party. So last time around what was your trick for qualifying?

JF: I remember building up a nice stack and think I was 2nd in chips with about 15 left, the chip leader kept shoving every hand for about 50 bbs and I picked up 1010, he shoved I called I won that pot and had a massive chip lead and from then was able to apply lots of pressure to the others on the table and it went pretty smoothly from there.

DW: And how’d you celebrate?

JF: I didn’t celebrate as such but was very nice as I was intending to play the qualifiers for the event, I’ve actually had a nice run in these event, I qualified for 3 seats in London for $99 then I won the last man standing promotion which won me a package to MK and now I’ve won another package for London without spending a penny.i guess I have to thank partypoker for all these really good promotions.

DW: So what the secret of you success, your numbero uno poker tip…

JF: Only tip I can give is always find ways to improve your game by checking back on hands and stay in control of you bankroll as this is more important than anything else.

Experience something new in Live Poker!

With the WPT National Tour you could be among the first to truly experience something completely unique in the world of live poker…

We’re talking about the  WPT Aspers Accumulator of course. If you’ve not heard of it it’s a brand new live poker tournament format that gives you more chances to win more chips and make it into the prize spots.

How does it work?

So picture this with an ordinary poker tour tournament you enter once and that’s it right? Well with this one you can actually enter up to 3 times and here’s the best part accumulate your chips from each entry!

But wait it get’s better! You can even win free entries right here on partypoker and yes of course we have qualifiers running every single day. Yes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Read more right here: WPT National UK

Daily Online Qualifiers for partypoker WPT Nation London Run Until February 23rd

That’s right we’re continuing to run our daily online satellites for the next partypoker WPT National London event. Up for grabs is a massive £100,000 prizepool guaranteed prizepool for the third leg of the five tour stop live ‘Accumulator’ event running from February 27 – March 2 at Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City – the biggest ever guaranteed poker prizepool at an Aspers Casino.

Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City Poker Manager John Scanlon said: “The response from players to the new WPT National Aspers Accumulator events has been fantastic and to show our commitment to the tour we have decided to guarantee £100,000 prize pool for the next event taking place in Aspers Stratford from February 27 to March 2. This is the first time we have made such a commitment to a poker event and it is largely due to the fantastic support of our online sponsor partypoker with their array of online satellites for the event. Never before have players had the opportunity to become a WPT National Champion for £200 and take home not only the prestigious WPTN title but over £20,000 in cash.” 

There’s of course seat-only satellites which are running daily. Every satellite guarantees one seat. And don’t forget you could even freeroll your way into the tournament! For more information on the array of free and low-cost options to qualify, visit:

In addition, exclusive opportunities are offered to partypoker players with three chances to win $1,000 WPT National packages via three special promotions:

Second Chance Freeroll

All partypoker players who play WPT National London will be  invited to a second chance freeroll on partypoker. The winner takes home a $1,000 package to partypoker WPT National Newcastle (1st May – 4th May), 2nd- 4th a $310 buy-in into a flight at partypoker WPT National Newcastle and 5th-7th a $33 buy-in into the partypoker WPT National Newcastle online satellite.

Last Man Standing

The last partypoker qualifier to be knocked out of the WPT National London will win a $1,000 package to WPT National Newcastle.

Daily Chip Leader

Each daily chip leader of Flight 1A, Flight 1B, Flight 1C, Day 2 and Day 3 of WPT National London will be invited to beat a partypoker pro in an online 6 person Sit & Go.

The three remaining partypoker WPT National UK Tour stops taking place at Aspers Casinos are as follows: 

  • Aspers Westfield Stratford City London: February 27- March 2, 2014
  • Aspers Newcastle: May 1 – 4, 2014
  • Aspers Westfield Stratford City London: July 3 – 6, 2014.

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