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Scott Baumstein has shown great poker at the Big Game VII. After 7 hours at the table he calls it a day and escorts his chips to the cashier.

He leaves this Big Game with €16,000. With a starting stack of €10,000, he managed to make a €6k profit in a couple of hours.

He’s going to join Jesse May in the commentary booth in a little while.

Scott Baumstein

If you can still see him sitting at the table in the live stream, don’t worry. He’s going to leave soon. Remember that the stream is delayed by half an hour.

Scandinavian Action

Niklas Astedt has started to show himself. After checking out the table for quite some time, he decided it’s time to play. In a few hands he managed to build his €10k starting stack to something like €15,000. He has been playing some hands against Juha Helppi, usually winning the pot out of position against the Finn.


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