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I noticed that have put up their prices for the number of runners in the WSOP Main Event and thought it was about time to unleash another competition on you.

Here are prices:

The competition is simple. The person who makes the nearest guess to the actual number of confirmed runners gets $50 in their account. Only your first entry will count and your prediction has to be posted in the blog comments below. If they are not on this page they are not competition entries. Contest this and you’ll get told to get on your two wheel form of transport and ride away!

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Where do I stand? When I bet I am someone who looks for value so looking at the PartyBets prices I have to go with 4000 or less at 5.00 (4/1) – as for a precise number I will go for 3999. I think 4/1 (5.00) is too big considering everything that is going on in poker at the moment. I think the odds setters have got it about right overall with the likely range being between 4001 – 4999 but I’m where the value is.

Remember I am looking for the total number from you. I don’t need to know which of the prices you would bet on. Good luck!


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