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Brazil’s Renan Bruschi is the latest WPT World Online Championships champion after he triumphed in the WPTWOC Mini Main Event and walked away with a massive $504,582 prize.

WPT 07 Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Renan Bruschi Brazil $504,582*
2 Nichita Verbitchii Moldova $339,606*
3 Arturs Balodis Latvia $535,268*
4 Liviu-Rodrig Bartha United Kingdom $472,866*
5 Freek Scholten Austria $153,750
6 Janis Loze Latvia $104,450
7 Romans Voltovs Latvia $73,550
8 Ravil Tlimisov Russia $55,425
9 Tobias Koerper Germany $45,600

*reflects a four-handed deal

The final day began with nine players in the hunt for the title, each vying for a share of almost $2.3 million that was still up for grabs. A place in poker history awaited them but only one man would be able to call themselves a WPT champion.

Koeper’s Free Seat Turns Into $45,600

The dream ended for Germany’s Tobias Koeper within the first hour of play. The German’s stack dwindled to a shade over five big blinds and these went into the middle with from the cutoff and Artur Balodis called with from the button. Both blinds folded and it was off to the races, a race that Balodis won when the five community cards fell .

Koeper collected $45,600 for his ninth-place finish, a remarkable result considering he won his $1,050 seat in a $11 buy-in Terminator where we added WPT tickets for free!

Tlimisov Banks $55,425 From a $1,050 Ticket He Won For Free!

Ravil Tlimisov fell in eighth-place and scooped $55,425. Like Koeper, Tlimisov qualified for this massive tournament for free after a deep run in a $22 Big Bounty Hunter tournament where $1,050 tickets were given away to the top finishers as added value for our players.

Tlimisov came unstuck during the 1,250,000/2,500,000/35,000a level. He previously shoved 18 big blinds with and his all-in bet went uncalled. Tlimosov then three-bet shoved for 18 big blinds from the button with after a min-raise from Nichita Verbitchii. The blinds folded but Verbitchii called with . The board was no help to Tlimisov and he crashed out in eighth.

Bruschi Sends Voitovs To The Showers

Latvia’s Romans Voitovs saw his impressive run end in a seventh-place finish worth $73,550. Voitovs, who a few minutes prior folded pocket jacks to a three-bet, decided to jam all-in for 68.3 million with from the big blind after Renan Bruschi opened on the button to 6 million. Bruschi held and opted to call. Bruschi paired his ace on the flop and improved further on the turn. The completed the community cards and confirmed Voitiovs’ exit.

The First Six-Figure Score of the Evening

Sixth-place and the first six-figure prize of the evening went to Janis Loze. Bruschi opened the betting with a min-raise to 7 million with and Loze defended his big blind by calling with . A flop reading saw Loze initially check but then check-raise all-in for 33 million after Bruschi continued with a 6.1 million bet. Bruschi called and spiked a set when the landed on the turn. The inconsequential improved Bruschi to an unnecessary full house and Loze busted out for $104,450.

Scholten Loses a Coinflip to Bust in Fifth

Fifth-place and a cool $153,750 went to Freek Scholten. He doubled through Bruschi but still only had 12 big blinds at his disposal. They went into the middle with from the big blind after Liviu-Rogrig Bartha opened with . Bartha called and Scholten busted when the five community cards fell .

Deal or No Deal?

The remaining four players were all guaranteed massive prizes but they wanted to lessen the pay jumps so struck a deal that left $50,000 for the eventual champion.

The deal benefited Bartha the most because he crashed out in fourth-place and collected $472,866, doing so from a $109 satellite entry! What an incredible ROI!

Bartha’s tournament ended shortly after losing the majority of his stack to Bruschi. Both players flopped an ace, Bartha with ace-queen and Bruschi with ace-king. The chips went flying in and Bruschi came out of the clash unscathed to leave Bartha short.

Bartha Busts in Fourth

The rest of Bartha’s chips, 5.3 big blinds, went into the middle of the table from the small blind while holding . Bruschi called in the big blind with . The ace-high board ran with no drama and the tournament was now down to its final three players.

Balodis’ Free $1,050 WPT Ticket Turns Into $535,268!

Those three became two when Balodis crashed out. Balodis’ third-place exit yielded $535,268, which is an incredible prize in its own right, but even better considering the Latvian played in the WPTWOC Mini Main Event for free thanks to the WPT tickets that were added to a recent $55 buy-in Gladiator tournament! The top finishers in that WPT Daily Special locked up a free Mini Main Event tickeet and Balodis shone the brightest of those free ticket winners. Half a million dollars for free is an amazing result!

Balodis’ exit was confirmed during the 3,000,000/6,000,000/750,000a level. He opened on the button to 87 million, leaving himself only 2.3 million behind, with . Bruschi called in the small blind with . Balodis’ remaining 0.4 big blinds went in on the flop and he was called. No five appeared on the turn or river and heads-up was set.

Bruschi held a 562 million to 346.3 million chip lead and it was only a matter of time before he got the job done. The final hand was cruel to Verbitchii as you’re about to find out.

Runner Up Turns $11 MTT Win Into $339,606

Verbitchii limped for 6 million with before calling a 21 million raise from Bruschi who held . The flop saw Bruschi lead for 21 million, a bet that was called. The turn brought the into play, improving Verbitchii to a straight and both players checked. A on the river gifted Bruschi a full house and he checked it. Verbitchii took the bait and fired a 57 million bet before calling when Bruschi set him all-in.

A very costly second-best hand for Verbitchii, but his second-place prize weighed in at $339,606 but a huge prize earned from a free ticket awarded to him in an $11 Terminator tournament! Dozens of daily specials have had WPT tickets added to the prize pool and this value-packed promotion continues this week.

$1,448,765 Won By Satellite and Free Ticket Winners

What an amazing tournament the WPT Mini Main Event was. Five of the nine finalists won their $1,050 tickets extremely cheaply or for free. Liviu-Rodrig Bartha collected $472,866 after winning his seat via a $109 satellite!

Four others, Tobias Koeper, Ravil Tlimisov, Arturs Balodis, and runner-up Nichita Verbitchii all won their $1,050 entry from WPT Daily special tournaments that had tickets added to their prize pools for the top finishers. This means they freerolled their way to sharing a combined $975,899!

The poker dream is still alive, ladies and gentlemen, and this tournament proves anyone can and does win at partypoker. You don’t have to spend a lot to potentially pad your bankrolls with a gigantic score.

You have the chance to follow in this quintet’s footsteps by winning your way into Day 1B of the WPT Main Event. Satellites for the $10,300 buy-in $10 million guaranteed tournament are running around the clock. There are also plenty of tournaments with free added WPT tickets waiting for you to get involved with, look out for our WPT Daily Special tournaments, and our $10 WPTWOC SPINS are still available too. Good luck and we hope to see you at the final table.

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