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PartyPoker’s MonthlyMillion March PartyPokerhuge Monthly Million tournament was played yesterday. The buy-in was $600+40, 1481 players registered and 177 tables went into play. The tournament was a long and hard battle, it lasted almost 11 hours.

The unlucky bubble was silvahbullit who finished 201st – just shy of the money. The next player out in 200th place got $1,200 for his efforts. silvahbullit was shortstacked and ended up all-in in the big blind with T2. He was called by the small blind who had him dominated with TJ. Another Jack on the river knocked silvahbullit out.

MyLilPwny was the final table bubble finishing 10th winning $9,500. bosmar63 raised from an early position with pocket queens but MyLilPwny found pocket kings in the big blind and called all-in. A Queen on the flop made the situation very difficult for MyLilPwny, no King on turn or river got the game ready for the final table.

Final table play lasted almost 2 hours before DegenSicko, cyberkanguru and Redcard21 found themselves in the final 3 positions. There was a mood for a deal to be done, but players decided to wait until just two remained.

It proved to be unlucky for DegenSicko, who was already the short stack. Even though his AQ was the pre-flop favourite, Redcard21 picked up a pair of threes on turn which was enough to knock DegenSicko out in third with $69,000 in winnings.

Here are the final standings:

Screen Name Win Amount(USD)

  1. Redcard21 $169,472
  2. cyberkanguru $140,527
  3. DegenSicko $69,000
  4. pokerlady955 $54,500
  5. CouldBeGood $46,000
  6. rakens $34,500
  7. bosmar63 $26,500
  8. fnelsson $17,500
  9. rocket27 $13,500

Congratulations to everybody who cashed. If you didn’t play, secure your seat at the next Monthly Million from just $1 at


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