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Raul Mestre had some problems to adjust to the table. Not being used to live cash games, he seemed to struggle with live straddles and special rules like the Seven-Deuce one. After losing a big pot with a flopped set of eights against Adrian Balaguer (who managed to get a set of aces on the turn), he never recovered from that loss.

Raul Mestre

Seat(s) Open

That probably affected his decision to leave the game. But he wasn’t the first player to get off his seat. The public vote gave Alec Torelli very little love and so he has to take a break from the Big Game.

Update: Alec Torelli just gave a short interview to Kara Scott. He is interested in coming back to the table later on, right now he has an appointement at the commentary booth. So if you’d like to listen what he has to say about players and action, you got one more reason to tune into the Big Game Live Stream.

Alec Torelli

The Big Game Freeroll

Remember that there’s a free roll on PartyPoker tonight at 7 p.m. CET. Be sure to play for your share of the $500 prize pool. You’ll need a password of course, which can be found here.


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