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I just got a $200,000 letter – customers have been invited to raid my house – what is this? What do they think they are doing – they are going to take my Volkswagen Golf GTI? Ridiculous. Smart tvs, iphones, game consoles. This is ridiculous, I am getting pillaged. All they want to do is open the doors and get everybody to take, take, take – take everything I have – take $200,000 of luxury goods!?

You only need one PartyPoint to take part. What is this? You let the russians in through the front door? Where are the vikings? Where are the pirates? Where are my panda protectors?

I’ve told Zasko and Nordas to stand down from guarding the empire for a short time only. They will let you in just this once but don’t even think about it after 7th October. Start your raid now!


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