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Here at partypoker, we love to mix things up to keep the amazing game of poker fresh and exciting for you, our valued players.

Over the past few weeks and months we’ve overhauled the tournament schedule with the introduction of the Power Series, put $5 million of guaranteed prize pools up for grabs in the Powerfest, doubled guarantees during Fight Night, and now we’re launching Pure Poker Wednesdays.

Pure Poker Wednesdays kick off on Wednesday (imagine that) 23 March and see all no-limit hold’em Power Series tournaments go back to being freezeout tournaments, which some people would say is the purest form of poker. Despite having their re-entry format dropped, the Pure Poker Wednesdays’ guarantees will remain the same, giving you the chance to win big during the week for a smaller investment.

What’s more, each tournament part of Pure Poker Wednesdays has a specially designed blind structure, based on the World Poker Tour’s structure, that has been created to maximise your enjoyment and give you an experience of playing in a major event.

Each tournament sees players start with 30,000 chips, and has blinds starting at 50/100 with antes kicking in after the third level. Pure Poker Wednesdays is going to be awesome and we expect it to be a roaring success right from the off.

What are the Pure Poker Wednesdays Tournaments?

As mentioned, the Pure Poker Wednesdays tournaments are all Power Series events that are scheduled on a Wednesday so be sure to check the Power Series filter in the tournament lobby to see when you can be enjoying tournament poker at its purest.

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