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Negreanu and RolandThe side action starts…or well the side action talk starts!

Ahead of heat one at the Premier League IV the banter was flying. Phil Hellmuth wasn’t playing today but came along to co-commentate alongside Jesse May. The centre of the side action, surprise, surprise – was Roland de Wolfe and Daniel Negreanu.

The two players split the field in half with Team Daniel and Team Roland – they are playing for undisclosed amounts per point.


  • Schwartz
  • Frazer
  • Timoshenko
  • Laak
  • Tony G
  • Safina (online qualifier)


  • Tran
  • Rousso
  • Negreanu
  • De Wolfe
  • Hellmuth
  • Benyamine

Daniel “I didn’t pick myself as I guess that if I win I am going to be more than happy!”

The banter then turned on the Poker Brat himself – Negreanu was desperately trying to fix a bet on Phil winning a non limit hold’em bracelet at the WSOP this year. After verbal volleys all around, Negreanu said “I would take your sister to beat you as well as most of the kids on the internet.”

Phil said: “He (Negreanu) has been saying negative things about me in public for three months now but I still like him.”

Then followed a speech about why he is the best player in the world.

Children, Children! It’s only day one!


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