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By Simon Young

Welcome to day three of the PartyPoker Million VI on board MSC Poesia, currently docked in Izmir in Turkey. Play resumes at 4pm local time today, with just 33 of our 171 starters remaining. All hope to get their hands on the $358,280 first prize when the final table plays out on Thursday.

Germany’s Johaness Strassmann is currently well ahead of the chasing pack. Here are the chip stacks for all our survivors:

Johaness Strassmann, Germany, 218,000

Andreas Jorbeck, Sweden, 99,900

Thomas Bihl, Germany, 95,500

Marcel Finnema, Holland, 87,100

Alexey Yuzikov, Russia, 82,400

Peter Steinlesberger, Germany, 71,300

Alan Forsyth, UK, 70,200

Samir Shakhtoor, Sweden , 70,200

Fredrik Keitel, Germany, 62,500

Heinrich Mayr, Austria, 59,500

Raymond Estall, UK, 58,900

Alexander Jung, Germany, 58,400

Victor Sazonkin, Russia, 57,200

Christoph Nesert, Germany, 55,300

Florian Langmann, Germany, 53,200

Dominik Stopka, Germany, 47,400

Mika Passonen, Finland, 45,400

Paul Testud, France, 43,400

Matthew Dobbins, Ireland, 41,300

Cory Albertson, USA, 41,100

Simon Munz, Germany, 37,300

Joseph Myles, UK, 33,300

Christian Schafer, Germany, 29,500

George Dunst, Australia, 29,100

Nicholas Bower, UK, 27,800

Mikael Erixon, Sweden, 27,100

Christoph Haller, Austria, 24,800

Julian Lenz, Germany, 22,800

Epifanio Licon, Mexico, 21,300

Ralph Rudd, USA, 15,300

Kenneth Gregersen, Denmark, 9,800

Keith McGrath, Ireland, 7,700

Philip Hulse, UK, 5,800


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  1. nicholas bower on

    Hi Mate

    Everyone is rooting for you, from Battlefield to the Raven