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This week’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday was one of the largest fields seen in recent weeks as 1,073 players exchanged $200 for the chance to become our flagship tournament’s champion.

The huge tournament kicked off at 19:00 GMT and took the best part of 10 hours to reduce that impressive figure to the final table of nine. From there, the winner was decided after only an hour of intense poker action. Let’s see how the final table action went down.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (November 23, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 dlanger610 558,502
2 misspacman 486,007
3 JVieira114 510,962
4 PokerStenz80 1,034,476
5 Jarildur1 1,052,404
6 dulek6969 456,086
7 idgafrly 621,156
8 marty386 197,080
9 stroj_1 448,327

Only nine hands were played before a player busted, that unfortunate soul being marty386. dulek6969 raised twice the size of the big blind to 40,000 from the cutoff and marty386 called from the small blind. stroj_1 was sat in the big blind with in front of him and he squeezed all-in for 508,327 in total, forcing out dulek6969. However, marty386 didn’t believe stroj_1’s move and he called off his 209,080 stack with the dominated .

While the flop gave marty386 some outs to a straight, the turn nor the river were those outs and he crashed out in ninth place, good for $3,280.

Eleven hands later and ace-king was involved in another elimination, this time failing to improve when it really needed to. Again, dulek6969 started the betting with a raise to 53,522 from middle position and dlanger610 responded with a three-bet to 107,775 from the button. The small blind mucked, but JVieira114 four-bet all-in for 498,862 with . The original raiser folded and dlanger610 called, showing .

The flop left Jvieira114 drawing to running cards for a straight so when the turn brought the into play it was game over for him. The inconsequential completed the community cards and Jvieira114 busted.

misspacman was next to fall after a clash with dlanger610 didn’t go to plan. From late position, dlanger610 min-raised to 50,000 and then called when misspacman re-raised all-in from the next seat along for 185507 chips.

It was of dlanger610 versus and when neither player improved on the board misspacman headed for the exits.

Next to be eliminated was Jarildur1 who ran into the strongest preflop hand in Texas Hold’em. A raise to 60,000 from dlanger610 in the cutoff was called by PokerStenz80 on the button. Jarildur1 was in the small blind with and he made a move by riaing all-in for 402,344 in total.

Unfortunately for Jarildur1, dulek6969 was laying in wait in the big blind wih and raised all-in for 657,809, which folded out the other active players. The ] board provided no help for Jarildur1’s pocket nines and he busted in sixth place, guaranteeing the five surviving players a score of at least five-figures.

It was stroj_1 who was the first to collect those five-figure, banking $10,200 after falling in fifth place. His exit hand saw PokerStenz80 make it 85,000 to go at the 20,000/40,000/4,000a level and stroj_1 call from the big blind.

The pair shared a flop, a flop that stroj_1 jammed all-in for 148,568 on. It is a move that could have worked had PokerStenz80 not been sat there with for a flopped flush, much stronger than the in his opponent’s hand. The turn and river completed the hand and confirmed stroj_1’s demise.

Four-handed play lasted all of one hand and was one of the largest posts of the tournament. A min-raise too 80,000 from dulek6969 in the cutoff was three-bet to 215,775 by dlanger610 in the big blind. dulek6969’s response was an all-in four-bet to 910,931 and dlanger610 snap-called.

Dulek6969 showed , a very strong hand four handed, but not as powerful as the in the hand of dlanger610. A few seconds later, the board was in view and dulek6969’s tournament was over.

Another massive pot claimed the tournament life of dlanger610 who will be disappointed not to win having rarely put a foot wrong throughout the event. His exit happened when he min-raised to 80,000 on the button and idgafrly made it 240,000 to go from the big blind. That re-raise was ammed on for 1,109,848 and ten called, creating a 2,251,696 pot!

were idgafrly’s holding, which were way ahead of the in dlanger610’s hand. The flop kept things interesting and the turn gifted dllanger610 the lead courtesy of him making a straight. However, the river paired the board, gifted idgafrly a full house and left dlanger610 to head home in third place, a finish worth $16,330.

That last monster-sized pot meant the heads-up duo went into the one-on-one section almost level in chips and with more than 50 big blinds each the contest could have dragged on for some time. But that didn’t happen because on the fourth hand of heads-up play PokerStenz80 raised to 100,000 and idgafrly re-popped it to 300,000. That bet was raised to 700,000, which prompted a 2,203,688 shove from idgafrly then a call from PokerStenz80!


A complete cooler of a hand heads-up and one that eventually went PokerStenz80’s way when the five community cards fell , busting idgafrly and leaving PokerStenz80 to collect the $31,800 first place prize!

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (November 23, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 PokerStenz80 $31,800
2 idgafrly $22,780
3 dlanger610 $16,330
4 dulek6969 $12,520
5 stroj_1 $10,200
6 Jarildur1 $8,200
7 misspacman $6,200
8 JVieira114 $4,300
9 marty386 $3,280

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