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Pokerfest is on! Our online poker festival brings you 47 events and $3,000,000 in guaranteed prizepools.

There are at least 3 events every day covering a variety of buy-ins and game types, are YOU ready?

Here are the results and winners from day 1 and day 2:

Pokerfest #1: $300,000 Gtd NLH

Prizepool:             $331,400
Runners:                1,657

Top 3:

  1. Kaeresen              $47,248.93
  2. kenstraden         $38,815.37
  3. outofindia            $36,719.40

Pokerfest got off to a flying start on Sunday with event#1 attracting 1,657 players which generated a tasty $331,400 prize pool.

After more than 10 hours at the tables the final three had seen enough and a deal was struck. Kaeresen from Poland was the main beneficiary taking home $47,248.93 and the title of our first ever Pokerfest winner. There were also healthy payouts for kenstraden and outofindia who both took home more than $35K

Pokerfest #2: $2,000 Gtd NLH

Prizepool:             $2,000
Runners:                3,617

Top 3:

  1. Gusek___              $265.72
  2. achilleas13         $254.29
  3. celtic44444        $118.00

Event #2 saw the first points buy-in tournament and for just 20 points players could compete for a share of $2,000. 3,617 players showed an interest and it was Gusek___ who claimed top spot.

It was another tight call with the final two also choosing to resort to a deal and take home almost identical prizes.

Pokerfest #3: $20,000 Gtd NLH

Prizepool:             $38,020
Runners:                1,901

Top 3:

  1. LarsPeter             $6,287.55
  2. toniolimpic         $3,900.00
  3. STRECHY73           $3,900.00

Europe’s dominance continued in event #3 as long time PartyPoker player LarsPeter from Germany pocketed a $6,287.55 first prize in the $22 buy-in event.

It was another long shift of almost 11 hours before the last three decided to follow the trend and cut a deal. toniolimpic (Spain) and STRECHY73 (Czech Republic) both took home just shy of $4k leaving the top prize to LarsPeter.

Pokerfest #4: $150,000 Gtd NLH

Prizepool:             $231,000
Runners:                462

Top 3:

  1. SODA1RA               $57,750.00
  2. frzngatorade      $32,340.00
  3. D15c0nn3ct3d  $19,080.60

The second major event of the day saw the high rollers take centre stage for the $150k guaranteed event #4. The guarantee was smashed an hour before the start and eventually 462 players sat down to generate a prizepool just shy of a quarter of a million dollars!

Swedish player SODA1RA had one thing on his mind – winning! There was no danger of a deal here as he dominated the field and took home the $57,750 top prize.

Pokerfest #5: $500 Gtd NLH

Prizepool:             $500
Runners:                3,363

Top 3:

  1. ice667                    $82.50
  2. miha1971chuk $47.50
  3. aafonin                                    $29.50

The second points tournament attracted a bumper field of over 3,000 players who fought it out for the $500 prizepool.

After six and a half hours it was ice667 from Germany who was the last man standing. Following a disappointing show in event #2 the previous day his performance was enough to take out miha1971chuk in second for his first Pokerfest crown.

Pokerfest #6: $5,000 Gtd NLH Rebuy

Prizepool:             $12,182.50
Runners:                822

Top 3:

  1. PayForMyCar     $2,863.43
  2. xgabriel73           $1,583.72
  3. Jandrul0                $913.68

Event #6 saw Pokerfests first rebuy tournament and rebuy is just what people did. The 822 players went crazy and the $5,000 guaranteed prizepool swelled to an impressive $12,182.50.

This time it was Russian player PayForMyCar who took down the field and pocketed a nice $2,863.43 payday, all from his original buy-in and just one re-buy!

Pokerfest #7: $50,000 Gtd NLH Rebuy

Prizepool:             $73,850
Runners:                693

Top 3:

  1. yurasov1990      $17,355.10
  2. BudnikovDP        $9,600.50
  3. outofindia            $5,538.75

The highlight of the day was the $50k guaranteed rebuy event #7 which again saw players generate a healthy $73,850 prizepool. It was a long night finishing at 00:51 ET (06:51 CET) but after almost 10 hours of play it was yurasov1990 who went to bed smiling and over $17,000 better off.

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