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We had a bit of a rough start we’ll be the first to admit that here on the PartyPoker Blog but it looks PokerFestIII is back on track and from what we’ve seen so far this could be the best yet!

Over the next coming week’s we’ll present the winners here on the blog, first up here’s Mondays PokerFest hero’s:

Event #07 Gtd:$500 – Game:NLH Speed – Buy-in 5 Points Winner – kim5522288
Event #08 Gtd:$2,500 – Game:NLH Speed Rebuy – Buy-in $0.50 Winner – dedai84
Event #09 Gtd:$25,000 – Game:NLH Speed Rebuy – Buy-in $6 Winner – pedobarry1991
Event #10 Gtd $80,000 – Game:NLH Speed Rebuy – Buy-in $54 Winner – fnelsson

Will Your Name Be Up There?

With so many more great Poker events coming up in PokerFestIII we sure hope so! You can check out the full PokerFestIII schedule here on PartyPoker. Let us know how you get on by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.


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