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It’s week 4 of James “HullJimi” Greenwood’s PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge. Starting with $25, he’s still on micro stakes but now above $70. Nice! Here, he talks through one session at the tables.

Week 4 starting roll: $69.34

Current roll: $72.30

Overall profit: $47.30

Just opened two tables up, and whilst waiting for the big blind, I’m going to set up PokerTracker and the heads up display (HUD) that I use.

I’ve got K-K, and it’s just been raised before it gets to me. I reraise and it gets called, flop is ten high. He raises 60c I raise again. It all goes in and he’s got Q-Q… nice!

I’ve got A-Js and I raise (maybe a bit loose?) and I get one caller, two diamonds for the flush draw. Villain raises, so I reraise. He calls. On the turn he checks, and I raise. Get reraised but not by much so flat call. Miss. Grrr, going to have to fold to his bet on the river. I’m not sure I should have even been in this hand.

Q-7 on both tables – how often do you see that happen!? What are the odds?

K-9 in the big blind, 9 high flop, raise and it gets through. Fairly unexciting at the moment.

Q-4 in the bb, Q-Q-5 flop, 4 on the turn! Flush chaser makes it on the river and I get paid off.

Table breaking up, time for a new one.

Just seem to be practicing folding now – repeat after me – “I must play tight. I must play tight.” I sometimes think I get looser as I get more bored.

6-6 in the small blind, but it’s raised and there are four callers. Not sure if I should call or not, so I chuck it away.

J-Qs in the sb, four to the flush, make it on the turn, win a nice pot. Everything pretty standard here.

Another table broken up – hard to get meaningful stats on anyone as the tables aren’t lasting long enough!

A-K – hate it. Never sure how to play it…..raise, caller. Miss the flop and fold to a bet.

Full house from the sb for an all-in pot – nice!

Fold, fold, fold, fold – good job James Bond is on television!

Raise with 4-6s – getting bored. Four callers – oops! Horrible flop and I’m done. Repeat your mantra, James!

Fold, fold, fold, fold – full ring games can get a little bit “no limit fold em” at times, but I’m not rolled for anything else as of yet so got to keep on keeping on!

Tables have settled down, getting good information on the fishes!

Treading water at the moment…

Overplayed A-J on an Ace-high flop…..silly mistake – long session? Too long?

Decided to call it a night – up over $70 for the first time!


James has two micro tables, ready to roll

* The PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge involves starting with $25 and making it grow as far as possible – but by using solid bankroll management. Basically, that means not risking more than 5% of your roll at any time.  Good luck if are taking part – and drop us a comment to let us know how you’re doing.


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