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Yesterday we let you in on how it all went down when the PartyPoker gang visited the Oktoberfest, today we hear from Marvin himself:

I’m back in Germany for the first time in ages and already there’s a price on my head. How much? 250 dollars. Where? In Upside East. The guys at PartyPoker chose this classy roof-terrace club in Munich to hold a tournament for the winners of the freeroll tournaments and the August and September VIP Races. The tournament kicked off the 2012 PartyPoker Oktoberfest promotion. The field was strong and I really had to battle my way through to the final table – but then I was eliminated. Well done on that. The next day I was eliminated again – by an Oktoberfest Playmate.

The tournament moved fast, a bit like a sit-and-go, and was a lot of fun. The first all-in came after just half an hour – I was able to easily fend it off with A-5 and followed it with a 3-3 in the next hand. This is good, I thought. I’m keeping up with the pace. I then went all-in myself, taking the first player from the table. And so it went on until the final table. Another 3-3 and another all-in, which my neighbour met with 10-10 – the third ten in a row. That meant disappointment for me and 250 dollars for him.

The next morning I slept in and missed the go-cart race. To be honest, I did it on purpose. I wanted to be fit for the Oktoberfest and go shopping for a decent outfit for the beer tents. The atmosphere in them was incredible, the food was great and the beer just kept flowing. Then there was the Playmate. She had some good banter with us boys and then she took me aside – for a mini photoshoot. Sweet. That night we headed to the After Wiesn Club around the corner. What a weekend! Hope to see you there next year! Marvin


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