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When you’re playing poker well, you should push your luck as far as it will go.

Just ask player PIIIGEEEOOON – fresh from winning the $50K Saturday on PartyPoker, he’s won a package to the WPT London.

What’s the secret to his success? “I think that always questioning my plays and always looking for mistakes make my successful.”

PartyPoker’s real money games are where his heart lies

PIIIGEEEOOON is no stranger to sitting at a poker table and peeling up his cards. “I already played live in some live events like the WSOP , the WSOP Europe, and European Poker Tour. I’m also going to play the WPT Legends in California before WPT London.”

Although PIIIGEEEOOON loves the excitement of big live events like the World Poker Tour, PartyPoker’s real money games are where his heart lies. “I really like the weekend big tournaments like the 50k Guaranteed and the 200k guaranteed. And for playing cash games I prefer by far playing online.”

As for the WPT London, PIIIGEEEOOON doesn’t plan to be fazed by the big £5,000 buy-in. “I’ll play my game and hope I’ll be helped a bit by lady luck. I think my strengths are that I’m fearless and that I have a good analytical mind. My major weakness is that it’s really hard for me to find the fold button. That button should at least five times bigger than other buttons!”

Hmm, we’ll pass it on to the software team. In the mean time, good luck PIIIGEEEOOON in the WPT London!


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