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Phil Mighall is a World Poker Tour champion. The talented poker pro from Brighton, United Kingdom triumphed in the $10 million guaranteed WPT World Online Championships Main Event and walked away with a career-best score of $1,550,298.

Mighall also received a free entry to the next WPT Tournament of Champions, flights to that event, accommodation too, plus his name engraved on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup. It’s safe to say it was a fantastic day for the British star!

WPT #08 Main Event Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Phil Mighall United Kingdom $1,550,298*
2 Teun Mulder Netherlands $1,396,968*
3 Damian Salas Argentina $814,663
4 Blaz Zerjav Slovenia $552,006
5 Victor Simionato Brazil $391,257
6 Dzmitry Urbanovich Poland $277,014
7 Bert Stevens United Kingdom $194,112
8 Akseli Paalanen Finland $153,672
9 Laszlo Molnar Hungary $127,386

*reflects a heads-up deal

The nine-handed final table got underway at 20:00 CEST on September 16 under the watchful eyes of Matt Savage, James Dempsey, and Team partypoker’s Jason Koon over on our Twitch channel where cards-up coverage was provided throughout. Isaac Haxton and Lynn Gilmartin joined the stream as the final table progressed.

Hungary’s Laszlo Molnar’s time under the spotlight was limited because he busted in ninth-place. Damian Salas min-raised to 1,000,000 from late position and Molnar responded with a three-bet to 4,000,000 from the button. Victor Simionato four-bet to 7,000,000 from the big blind, forcing a fold from Salas. Molnar jammed for 8,200,000 in total and Simionato instantly called.

It was for Molnar and for Simionato. A board resulted in Molnar’s tournament ending abruptly.

Akseli Paalanen was the next casualty; he busted straight after Molnar in a massive pot. Teun Mulder opened to 1,100,000 from under the gun with and the action folded to Simionato in the small blind who held . He three-bet to 3,800,000 to put the action on Paalanen in the big blind. The Finn looked down at and pushed all-in for 22,600,000 in total. Only Simionato called. The board wasn’t what Paalanen wanted to see and he crashed out in eighth place.

Then came the demise of Bert Stevens in seventh-place, a finish worth $194,112. Stevens’ final hand saw him push all-in for 8,900,000 with from the small blind. Blaz Zerjav called that 14.8 big blind shove with . Neither player improved on the board and Stevens headed for the exits.

Team partypoker’s Dzmitry Urbanovich’s impressive run ended in sixth-place and a $277,014 score. With blinds at 300,000/600,000/75,000a, Salas min-raised to 1,200,000 from under the gun with , Mulder called on the button with and Urbanovich made it 7,200,000 from a 10,000,000 stack from the big blind with . Salas tanked before folding, Mulder made it 13,200,000 and Urbanovich called off the rest of his chips. A queen on the flop of the board sent Urbnovich to the showers.

The final five became four with the elimination of Simionato who had qualified for this event for only $22! His exit hand started with a limp from the small blind by Zerjav with , a raise to 2,500,000 with from Simionato and call from Zerjav. The flop missed both players, but Zerjav had a gutshot straight draw. Zerjav check-called a 2,900,000 continuation bet from his Brazilian opponent.

The turn brought the into play and the action went check, 6,900,000, and call. Zerjav checked again when the completed the board and his straight. Simionato jammed all-in for 19,300,000 into the 24,900,000 pot.

Team partypoker’s Isaac Haxton was in the commentary booth at this point and he commented Simionato’s shove was the right play with how the hand played out but it wasn’t going to work. It didn’t because Zerjav called and sent Simionato home with a $391,257 prize to show for his $22 satellite entry. What a result.

Zerjav was the next player out of the door. His incredible run, which saw him finish as a Day 1 chip leader then remain in the top 10 throughout, ended in fourth place. Zerjav got his hands on $552,006 when committed his last 13 big blinds with and was snapped off by Phil Mighall in the big blind with . Mighall flopped a set and Zerjav was drawing dead by the turn of the board.

Heads-up was set when start of the day chip leader Salas crashed out. Salas min-raised to 2,800,000 with and called when Mighall set him all-in for his remaining 29,000,000 chips. Mighall flipped over . Salas flopped a king and turned a queen, but a three on the river was a cruel way to end Salas’ run. The $814,663 he banked will go some way to numbing the pain, however.

Mighall went into the heads-up clash with Mulder holding a 124,600,000 to 75,200,000 chip advantage but victory was far from assured. Mulder clawed his way back into contention before opening a substantial lead for himself. Mighall kept his cool and managed to reclaim the lead in a chunky pot during the 700,000/1,400,000/175,000a level.

Mighall opened to 3,100,000 with and Mulder three-bet to 11,500,000 with . Mighall called and the flop fell . Mulder led for 7,000,000 and Mighall called. The turn saw Mulder bet 12,300,000 and Mighall called. Mulder checked the river, opening the door for a 30,800,000 bet, a bet Mulder snapped off.

That put the ball firmly in Mighall’s court and victory was soon his. Mulder opened to 3,500,000 with and Mighall took the unconventional line of three-betting to 12,800,000 with which was called. The flop was greeted by a 12,800,000 continuation bet from Mighall and a call from Mulder. Mighall turned a straight when the appeared. Mighall shoved all-in and Mulder called off his 39,500,000 chips. The completed the board, busted Mulder in second-place and left Mighall to be crowned the 2020 WPTWOC Main Event champion.

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