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Day 1C

The Phil Hellmuth show rolled into town today. The rumour buzzed around quite quickly that Phil and his entourage would soon be arriving so I grabbed a camera and joined the waiting throng. There were lots of camera crews and photographers waiting and yet current WSOP main event champion Peter Eastgate managed to walk in the door and past all of them without anyone recognizing him.

Waiting for Phil’s arrival were about 100 beautiful girls dressed identically in roman style clothes. And finally he arrived. Dressed up as a roman gladiator he arrived being carried above the heads of other roman gladiators. The girls all lined up to welcome Phil into the building and threw rose petals at his feet like he was royalty. Phil was obviously loving every minute judging by the huge smile on his face.

I managed to get a couple a good shots as you can see.


I’m not sure that Phil’s sense of timing was all that great. He arrived almost 2 hours late and just 10 minutes before the first break of the day. I’m not sure if he was planning on staying dressed like that all day but I would imagine that toga would get pretty uncomfortable after a while.


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