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Could this be the end of the Premier League for Phil Hellmuth Jr? Thirteen bracelets, yes, but zero Premier League titles and that barren run could be set to continue as he’s just been knocked out.

It was two hands that did for him, in the first Sam Trickett moved all-in for 151,000 with pocket sevens and Hellmuth snap called with . It was all over by the turn of a board.

That left Hellmuth with just a handful of big blinds, and after Jonathan Duhamel raised with he moved in for 36,000 with and Duhamel called off the extra. The flop gave Duhamel the lead and he stayed there on the turn and river. “Nice hand Jonathan, good game boys,” said a very calm Hellmuth as he left the table.

He needs Scott Seiver to be eliminated next to stay in this year’s Premier League otherwise the defending champion beats him on the tiebreaker of highest finish in a heat if he finishes fourth.

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