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With much of Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom looking like it had come under attack from Elsa – you know, from the 2013 animated blockbuster Frozen – many people were looking for ways to keep warm.

A sure-fire way to keep you nice and toasty is to run piping hot at poker, win yourself a sack full of cash and disregard the icy conditions outside.

This is exactly what PeterAdams2 did on Sunday night. At 19:00 GMT he bought into the $200K Guaranteed for $200 and exactly 11.5 hours later had won each and every one of the 5,015,000 chips that were in play, becoming the latest $200K champion. Oh, he also won the first place prize and with it, $31,800.

partypoker $200K GTD Final Table (January 18, 2015)

Seat Player Chips
1 The4336idoloscp 575,960
2 spetsern 1,173,452
3 saramarwins 285,244
4 RNGregXX 131,744
5 PeterAdams2 1,374,742
6 Halleluj4h 145,552
7 peprolive 560,064
8 mekkmaster1 98,658
9 AAleshkAA 669,584

Players usually spend a few hands getting a feel for their opponents on final tables of this magnitude, but this was different.

Halleluj4h’s Prayers Go Unanswered

On the very first hand, with blinds of 10,000/20,000/2,000a, Halleluj4h raised all in from middle position for 143,552 chips only to see AAleshkAA re-raise all-in for 667,584 from the button. Spetsern then called both all-ins from the big blind, creating a gargantuan 1,506,720 chip pot.


A great start to the final got better because as the five community cards ran to improve AaleshkAA to an unlikely straight, winning him the massive pot and sending Halleluj4h to the rail in ninth place.

Eights are good for PeterAdams2

The players, only 10 hands later, moved up one rung on the payout ladder thanks to the untimely demise of mekkmaster1. It was a hand that the cool kids would call standard; an all-in bet of 161,316 from mekkmaster1 in early position with and a call from PeterAdams2 in the big blind with the superior . The board provided little drama as had happened in the first exit. The result saw mekkmaster1 bust.

Snowmen refuse to melt

Pocket eights again made an appearance 12 hands after mekkmaster1’s exit and they sent RNGregXX to the rail in seventh place. From early position, RNGregXX shipped in his 230,488 (11.5 big blinds) stack while holding and The4336idoloscp called, as PeterAdams2 had done previously, with from the big blind.

Those pocket eights remained the best hand on the flop, on the turn and river, busting RNGregXX and leaving only six players in contention for the $31,800 first place prize.

petprolive shot down by bullets

Six became five with the elimination of petprolive as the clocks approached 05:20 a.m GMT. From under the gun, petprolive min-raised to 50,000 and was called by AaleshkAA in the next seat along. The flop fell , petprolive made a continuation bet of 50,000 and was called. The turn brought the into play, putting two potential flush draws in-play. Petrpolive opted to check. AaleshkAA adopted the aggressor role and fired a 79,250 bet at his opponent only to see petprolive check-raise all-in for 308,564 in total. Call.

AaleshkAA flipped over and needed to avoid an eight or a spade to win the 640,314 chip pot and send another player to the rail. A brief pause later, the completed the five community cards and petprolive was done and dusted.

saramarwins loses

With only five players remaining, each of the survivors had locked up at least $10,200 for their substantial efforts thus far, a sum that would have to suffice for saramarwins who fell next.

Down to less than eight big blinds, saramarwins raised all-in from the cutoff with the and was looked up by AaleshkAA in the small blind and his . Those tens were a 71% favourite going on to the flop, which fell to move further ahead. The on the turn gave saramarwins four outs to a straight. The required cards failed to arrive as the landed on the river.

With the flurry of early eliminations leaving the four surviving players relatively deepstacked, it was of no surprise another 74 hands were played before losing another player.

spetsern bows out

The action passed to The4336idoloscp in the small blind and he raised all-in with to put spetsern to the test for his last 519,018 chips, chips that he put on the line with . By the river, the board read and spetsern was out.

The4336idoloscp busts, heads-up is set

More than 40 hands were needed to cut the pack down to two. AaleshkAA raised all-in from the small blind with what turned out to be and The4336idoloscp called his last 20 big blinds with , setting up a coinflip scenario. The eight on the flop left The4336idoloscp drawing to two outs, although the turn gifted more outs to a straight. The on the river improved AaleshkAA to two pair and resigned The4336idoloscp to a third place finish.

AaleshkAA held a substantial 3,561,686 to 1,453,314 chip lead over PeterAdams2 but almost lost his lead when his held against an all-in preflop during the first few hands of heads-up play.

PeterAdams was then very fortunate to suck out on his opponent, getting his chips into the middle with ] versus on a flop, only for the turn and river to bring tens to counterfeit AaleshkAA’s hand and put the ball firmly in PeterAdams2’s court.

PeterAdams2 flops gin to win

It was all over six hands after that big pot. PeterAdams2 raised all-in with and AaleshkA called off his remaining 12 big blinds with only to see the flop fall ! The turn was  , followed by the on the river and that was that.

partypoker $200K GTD Final Table Results (January 18, 2015)

Place Player Prize
1 PeterAdams2 $31,800
2 AAleshkAA $22,780
3 The4336idoloscp $16,330
4 spetsern $12,520
5 saramarwins $10,200
6 petprolive $8,200
7 RNGregXX $6,200
8 mekkmaster1 $4,300
9 Halelu4h $3,280

Win Your Way to the $200K For As Little as $10

The $200K Guaranteed Sunday is an amazing tournament, but the $200 buy-in is outside the constraints of some poker players’ bankrolls, which no longer needs to be the case.

In addition to the hundreds of qualifier tournaments that feed into the $200K Guaranteed every week, we have two special satellites called the $200K Frenzy. The first of these frenzies runs at 13:35 ET (18:35 GMT) on a Saturday and is a $10 rebuy tournament that guarantees at least 20 seats to the $200K.

The second tournament every Sunday at 09:30 ET (14:30 GMT) and is a $20 buy-in freezeout with a whopping 40-seats to the $200K Guaranteed up for grabs.

Good luck winning your $200K Guaranteed seat on the cheap!

What would you spend the $31,800 first place prize on? Let us know in the comments box below.

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