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Simon Young introduces Mikkel – player Ladmigvaere – who won a$57,490 in this week’s PartyPoker $300K Guaranteed Sunday.


Your name: Mikkel M (surname withheld).

Age: 25.

Where do you live?: Aarhus, Denmark

Do you work, or do you play poker full-time?: I’m studying to become a teacher, so I play poker part-time.

How long have you been playing poker?: About three years.

What game do you normally play and what level?: I play NL$400, and the big sunday tournaments.

How often do you play the $300K Guaranteed Sunday?: It used to be once or twice a month – but now it will be every sunday!

What is your previous best finish in the $300K?:
About 35th.

Did you buy in direct ($200 + $15), or get your seat through a qualifier?:

What is your stategy when you play a multi-table tournament like this?: Really just to play my good cards strong, play tight in the beginning when it doesn’t make sense to steal blinds, and then losen up and steal some blinds later on.

Were there any key moments on the way to winning Sunday’s tournament?:
The three times I doubled up with A-K v Q-Q all-in pre-flop; my more-than-double-up with K-K three-handed where the button raised, small blind re-raised, and I shoved and got a call from small blind with 7-8; and my double up all-in pre-flop with A-K v A-Q at the beginning of the final table. I’m really happy that I didn’t get my money in to the middle unless I was the favourite, or it was a race.

What happened on the final hand?:
Well, we made a deal when we were heads-up, so there wasn’t really a final hand.

What will you do with your winnings?: I just bought a really nice new bike! Then I’m going to play a little higher and put some money in the bank – maybe invest some.

Do you have a family?: I’m a happy single, without children. I planning to have some eventually, though.

What is your poker ambition?: Just to earn some money to support my everyday life.

Have you played in any live events?:
Yes, in my local casino, and in the UK Poker Open in October.

Congratulations, Mikkel!


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