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Patrik Antonius talks about the big all-in move he made against PartyPoker’s online qualifier Ben Wilinofsky in Premier League Poker. Follow the live updates.

Ben Wilinofsky raises to 12,000, in middle position, holding and Patrik Antonius three-bet to 26,000, on the button, holding .

Wilinofsky then went to call but he put too many chips into the pot by mistake. The TD made a motion and Wilinofsky had to make it a 40,000 raise. Antonius is smart enough to know that Wilinofsky didn’t mean to raise and so he moves all-in for 267,000!

Wilinofsky had all of the pressure and you knew, he knew, that Antonius was at it. You wondered whether or not Wilinofsky has the balls to make the call and he did! The Antonius face was a picture.


Antonius hits a great flop.


Antonius hits his flush and the brave call of Wilinofsky means nothing anymore.


Antonius takes the chip lead with 540,000 and Wilinofsky is bagel hunting with 13,000.


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